Comic moment

The annual London Super Comic Con at London Excel Centre was epic.

26/02/2013 13:59:34

Former S Clubber Jon Lee in the buff

Oiled up, in an icy puddle

30/08/2012 11:43:04

Missed out on an issue of GT?

We're having a clear out

14/08/2012 11:55:18

Are you man enough?

The Bluebeards Revenge launches a new fragrance

17/07/2012 10:09:02

A whistlestop tour of Stockholm

Stockholm states boldly that it’s ‘the capital of Scandinavia’, probably much to the chagrin of Denmark and Norway, but...

18/06/2012 11:49:00

33% off Bulldog skincare products

Bulldog are offering all Gay Times readers a smashing 33% off their skincare products.

12/06/2012 14:13:38

Into The Lair…

A charming offer for you all

18/05/2012 15:25:46

Walk for Life 2012

By royal decree...

26/04/2012 12:16:59

Restaurant Review

Tapas Revolution @ Westfield

04/10/2011 10:36:12

Restuarant Review: McQueen

GT eats like a filmstar in Shoreditch

26/08/2011 12:04:03

Love is What You Want

A nice bit of culture to kick-start your Thursday morning.

19/05/2011 10:01:07


In London. 3.5 hours left to enter!

11/05/2011 14:26:32

Bette vs. Joan

The divine feud continues.

04/05/2011 15:14:18

West End Eurovision 2011

In aid of TheatreMAD, the Make A Difference trust.

21/04/2011 11:45:29


Expectations unveils Mr B.

19/04/2011 11:15:38

Hello Mister

Party time Saturday afternoon 23/4 @ Expectations.

11/04/2011 11:41:43

Attention all London theatre gays

There’s a new musical in town.

08/04/2011 15:40:27

GT UK video exclusive...

Logan Lynn’s Quickly As We Pass

21/03/2011 10:56:42

Lovebox Festival initial line up announced

"Gay Sunday" looks gaymazing.

02/03/2011 11:18:14

Aiden would be Aladdin, Matt Cardle would be Jasmine

...and other such nonsense.

23/02/2011 15:52:46


"C'est Magnifique"

21/02/2011 12:04:12

That Friday Feeling

Like we need an excuse to drink

11/02/2011 17:20:57

Karaoke with H from Steps

It's a glamourous life

11/02/2011 15:22:52

GT takes a trip down the pink carpet

Celebrity stalking en masse.

04/02/2011 15:45:30

Find your Perfect Partner

With Molton Brown.

31/01/2011 11:24:40

We’re pretty sure Ed Westwick would make a very lovely boyfriend indeed

Just sayin'.

27/01/2011 10:54:05

Pop Maths #5

A new Britney single + a new Avril single = a truly moronic blog

20/01/2011 16:33:07

Spend your Valentines Day with Bradley Cooper

He's the fitty from The A Team btw.

20/01/2011 15:48:14

It's not advertorial if we've actually used it...

And we have.

19/01/2011 14:52:28

A picture of our breakfast.

(Ok, it's the Royal Academy of Art's Modern British Sculpture exhibition)

18/01/2011 16:41:29

Chris Colfer gets a Golden Globe

Thanks everyone and disses bullies with a "screw that, kids"

17/01/2011 12:41:08


There’s not much else to say about the new Spider-man.

14/01/2011 10:52:59

Gay Erotic Fiction Face-off

We get sent A LOT of gay erotic fiction.

12/01/2011 13:25:50

This Morning’s Matt Johnson naked

Fancy seeing Matt Johnson from This Morning naked?

12/01/2011 11:38:07

The things we put in our mouths for you lot…

Yes, we've been gobbling Santa’s helpers.

22/12/2010 15:32:31

... these are a few of our favourite things.

(old women and twitter)

21/12/2010 17:39:16

Hoff the Hook

David Hasselhoff's doing panto this year and it's really rather good.

20/12/2010 14:43:18

Mariah Carey's Auld Lang Syne.

and in six months time, we expect a cover of June Is Busting Out All Over.

16/12/2010 10:20:26


Come and have a look at this instead.

15/12/2010 14:26:54

Bourgeois & Maurice

They can't dance, but they’re too cool to care.

13/12/2010 18:01:31

Stuck for something to buy your significant other gay this Christmas?

Molton Brown gift set. Simples.

10/12/2010 15:25:32

Gaydar iPhone App Launched

The world’s biggest gay dating website launches the world’s biggest Gay app!

09/12/2010 16:38:38

Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale. Topless. And fighting.

Testosterone overload.

07/12/2010 16:05:36

Ten brat-rappers we think are better than Cher Lloyd.

Because we all love a list.

30/11/2010 13:15:23

Adam Lambert has a cheeky cigarette on stage

In Amsterdam. Where it's totes okay.

26/11/2010 13:45:08


Catch phrase of the week

25/11/2010 16:34:51

Three very good reasons to see Step Up 3

Actually, it’s the same reason three times over, but we don’t think it makes too much difference.

25/11/2010 15:43:00

Black Eyed Peas: The Time (Dirty Bit) It's a new song, there's a video.

Are BEP's a guilty pleasure? Can they just stick to being good?

24/11/2010 11:25:52

She whips her hair back and forth *scream*


18/11/2010 15:42:32

The Prowler Rangers are doing a totally un-spooky books offer this weekend.

25% off. Here's a quick top three for y'all...

29/10/2010 15:32:27

Halloween Event 3,856... by the London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard

They're having a laugh.

28/10/2010 10:46:53

Anyone for Room Service?

Go-go dancers guaranteed.

19/10/2010 16:19:04

Grey Away Day. Nothing to do with OAPs, per se.

Pictured Left: DILF Edition. Pictured Right: Bear Edition.

13/09/2010 10:40:23

Glee Season Two: Anticipation kicking in?

Tough. You can't watch it in the UK yet. But...

02/09/2010 16:58:28

Scissor Sister's new Any Which Way Video.... Kylie No-Show

Gratuitous naked men though, hurrah.

13/08/2010 11:34:50

Ten small steps to shaving your man...

Well, his face. Sensual, slow, smooth, GT style

05/08/2010 16:11:38

Make history - become part of the world's largest LGBT study

GT is pleased to invite you to help us make history. For the first time, there is a global study of LGBT lifestyles,...

29/06/2010 12:59:20

Bingo a go go at Profile Soho

Gays, Cocktails, Witty Banter ....Bingo!

15/04/2010 16:12:49

They are the cocky boys, you are the cocky girls

Cheeky cheeky!

08/04/2010 14:38:50

Everyone else is doing it

Didn't Raygun have something to say about that?

18/08/2009 14:28:10

Chew Disco Needs You

If you're anywhere near Liverpool this weekend the get yourself to the Magnet Bar.

05/08/2009 14:26:37

Join us for an unforgettable party to celebrate our 25th Birthday!

We will be celebrating in style at the exclusive Kensington Roof Gardens in association with Village Drinks

04/08/2009 14:44:09

Siouxsie Sioux

Richard Goller has a quick chat with her before her DJ debut

23/06/2009 17:37:27

Jake Political Survey

take it! and it's their launch on thursday

19/05/2009 15:40:16

Anonymous Iranian writes about his experiences

Today, I was chilled with fear after reading about Muqtada al-Sadr’s Iranian funded Mahdi Army entrapping and executing...

07/04/2009 17:48:56