The Naked Rabbit Project

A hot naked Frenchman in a mask

02/09/2009 16:18:57

No Business Like Show Business

In t-shirt form!

02/09/2009 15:13:40

Fro Yo Mo

Don't worry, it's not rude.

28/08/2009 14:37:23

Popstarz have a super special live guest performance!

Can you guess? Who? Guess? Who? (it's Mika)

27/08/2009 12:21:59

Well bugger me backwards and call me Stewie..

He's a baby gay!

14/08/2009 15:56:25

Totally Ript

There’s no doubt that we all want a toned and truly shaggable body, but we all know how excruciatingly hard it is to not

12/08/2009 11:01:20

'Proof of Homosexuality...' on GT Island

This weekend saw the launch of the new exhibition on GT Island in Second Life We have collaborated with Seattle-based...

17/09/2008 12:59:53

Joe Oppedisano and Calvin Holbrook on GT Island

All on GT Island in Second Life were thrilled that two of our favourite artists have collaborated with us to produce...

01/08/2008 13:58:28

Virtual Memory

Second Pride 08 is in full swing now in Second Life, and we on GT Island have been attending as many events as possible.

16/07/2008 13:58:15