Mark King / Design & Art Direction

Taste the rainbow

Here at GT we’ve seen every conceivable product adorned with the rainbow flag – some with more style and taste than...

29/06/2012 20:38:16

Red blooded

British clothing label Sunspel became a firm favourite at GT when they supplied Nick Kamen with those white boxer shorts

23/05/2012 17:47:22

Culture hungry

One of the best things about London are the small, independent galleries that punch way above their weight. The Simon...

25/03/2011 14:19:26

Anti Design? Bazooka it.

We’re not sure we understand Anti Design, but we don’t have to understand it to love it.

27/09/2010 10:39:35

Apple. Slick Media Players.

Apple launches have turned into cultural events in their own right. No scruffy press releases spattered with lo-res...

03/09/2010 15:33:22