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London's Mayoral Election

Peter Tatchell says vote Green

30/04/2008 14:06:21

Saudi Arabia: stop persecuting queers

Gay men sentenced to 7,000 lashes... Protest against potential death sentences...

17/10/2007 18:08:12

Ugandan gays demand freedom

The quest for gay rights is a challenge to Uganda's increasingly authoritarian church and state

21/09/2007 18:49:21

Britain’s Asylum Shame

The UK's asylum system is rigged to fail as many applicants as possible. It is unjust, chaotic and inhumane. Among the...

07/09/2007 15:19:40

Figures of disgrace

The government's 'success' in cutting asylum numbers is down to its shameless rigging of the system to ensure many...

24/08/2007 17:40:29

Fundraiser for the Peter Tatchell Human Rights Fund

Moroccan Mirage The Official Launch Party of Bouga Cocktail Lounge Supporting the Peter Tatchell Human Rights Fund 8pm

10/07/2007 13:48:48

Royal Accounts are all spin

The Queen's lack of financial transparency fuels speculation that she is avoiding tax on a massive scale By Peter...

29/06/2007 16:09:08

Gordon Brown - Friend Or Foe?

Absent from 13 of 14 gay equality votes Doubts over Brown's commitment to gay rights London – 27 June 2007 Gordon...

27/06/2007 10:46:24

Murder Music Campaign bears fruit

Beenie Man, Sizzla & Capleton sign deal Historic agreement to stop "murder music" London – 13 June 2007 Three of

13/06/2007 10:58:55

Russia's new police state

Moscow police collude with fascists and right-wing nationalists Behind the violent scenes The physical injuries I...

10/06/2007 10:01:27

Is multiculturalism subverting human rights?

Is multiculturalism subverting human rights? Johann Hari, columnist for The Independent, says multiculturalism...

05/06/2007 10:22:24