Bob Henderson

Just Dance

D-inc launch their new range by showing us some new moves.

04/02/2013 12:02:41

Pulp @ Brixton Academy

Razzamatazz and a night on the town. Uh oh oh.

01/09/2011 12:49:38

¡Ay Qué Horror!

CSS liberated XOYO last night.

24/08/2011 11:55:00


Okay, it's not but it really should be

17/02/2011 18:05:49


Because we just have to move on and accept the fact that Mini Viva are no longer with us, musically.

17/12/2010 16:59:17

Farewell, dearest Katie

We loved the Waissel, and wait with bated breath for her West End debut.

29/11/2010 10:26:58

Bayad Magazine: a new gay magazine from Tel Aviv! In Hebrew, obviously...

It means something like "in the hand", which is definitely a euphemism.

10/11/2010 12:08:24

We've waited FOURTEEN YEARS for this news.

PULP are back! back! back! Time to dust off the charity shop velour smoking jackets.

08/11/2010 10:15:30

Mother writes moving blog about her son dressing up as Daphne from Scooby Doo

You'll get angry, inspired and possibly want to have children after reading it...

04/11/2010 11:04:20

Uber gay Europop has even gayer video, featuring twinky porn supremo Brent Corrigan

Some like it rough.

01/11/2010 11:30:43

Steve Jones (off Telly!) does a gay folksy indie-pop ballad.

"Who'd have thought that two straight men could've fallen in love?"

29/10/2010 11:25:28

Daft Punk doing the soundtrack for Tron

It's a bit CFNM...

28/10/2010 12:58:01

Sexy male priests dribbling over eachother and their ice cream. The controversy!

(We believe in Salivation too)

27/10/2010 15:09:31

Scream Club and Electrosexual at the RVT last night

What time was it? Partytime.

27/10/2010 11:39:51

Psychoville Halloween Special


25/10/2010 11:11:06

Our future husbear Francois Sagat in another arty vid

Thanking you Bruce LaBruce for the heads up

22/10/2010 15:35:22

Hipster pop video of the month gets really gay towards the end

Bombay by El Guincho: Last few minutes, homo-a-go-go. And pandas.

19/10/2010 10:59:30

Blasphemous beef jerky.

The stuff we get sent messages about on Facebook, honestly....

14/10/2010 10:16:41

Monger at The Barbican

Jean Genet's The Maids gets an interpretive dance makeover.

11/10/2010 11:19:42

Going in for the (product placement) overkill.

It was that or "Going in for Querelle" or "Belle boy". It's the US video for La Roux.

08/10/2010 15:53:51

Batty Boy

(Please note: We are not passing judgement on this gentleman's sexuality)

06/10/2010 12:28:10

Lady Gaga *delete*

Apparently, she's the most deleted artist on

29/09/2010 15:16:18

Congratulations Kieron Richardson!

He came out live on telly This Morning.

15/09/2010 12:16:50

Clap your hands if you're working too hard...

*clap clap* and three cheers for The Tings Tings

14/09/2010 15:58:53

Save the arts! David Shrigley spells it out for you.

Because Tracy Emin wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire.

13/09/2010 10:11:14

Pop song about hipster East Londoners hits the spot

and contains lots of swearing.

10/09/2010 15:50:30

Sink The Pink's Big Number Two.

It probably won't stink

27/08/2010 11:05:49

Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow, the greatest romance that never was.

What a Shame.

26/08/2010 12:36:54

K Anderson Video Exclusive! Watch it here.

For a change, he's not jumping into bed with other musicians.

18/08/2010 11:13:36

The hottest, gayest, Israeli pop video you'll watch this *cough* Tuesday.

Gay song, gay video, gay singer - hugging, threesomes, drag queen, THE WORKS.

17/08/2010 10:55:54

"Great Things Come In Bears"

As in Yogi bear, with Justin Timberlake as Boo Boo. For real.

06/08/2010 11:28:12

Cazwell's new video: It's like an animated version of Torso Of The Week

It's getting hot in here, he took off all his clothes and his icecream brang all the boys to the yard, etc.

05/08/2010 10:37:05

Jens Lekman and The Blow at Union Chapel

Samesie pop amazingness written for Lindsay Lohan. ALLEGEDLY.

04/08/2010 13:12:15

Today's Youtube distraction, from Japan apparently.

Lots of nubile naked young men, 'fan'nying about.

03/08/2010 16:53:58

Extremely cute pug clips. Severe warning:

Do not click on this blog unless you have ten minutes of your life to waste.

29/07/2010 12:11:19

Homoerotic coptastic new video from Grum

A quick heads up

26/07/2010 11:52:47

Goldfrapp and Marina & The Diamonds double header at The Roundhouse

Shed a little tear, did a little dance, went home.

23/07/2010 10:57:18

The Pipettes launched their single Call Me at The Lexington

Your love songs are wasted on me

20/07/2010 12:21:04

Lovebox's Big Gay Sunday. It's this Sunday.

Here is your itinerary.

14/07/2010 10:43:11

Wild Beasts and The XX at The Roundhouse last night.

Big space, big gloomy fun. And you can never go wrong with a glitter cannon.

13/07/2010 11:06:18


Headlining Circus'ses'ss Summer Ball tonight.

02/07/2010 15:31:04

All our gossip from the Robyn show last night

She took us to Heaven (we made our own way back)

18/06/2010 11:46:02

Hunx drops the punx schtick and does a big dirty gay dance pop song...

which you can download. How modern.

17/06/2010 11:47:00

Phat Gay Kid Strikes Again

On BBC One! And double glaze your windows, there's a London show in September....

15/06/2010 10:47:02

Fitties for Friday #5

This is what the 'Bookmark this page' button was made for

11/06/2010 10:41:54

Knock Knock. Who's there?


08/06/2010 17:16:10


Just click n watch

08/06/2010 11:25:17

So, back to that McDonalds gay advert

We're loving it....betch.

08/06/2010 10:23:09

There's a reason we're going to print a cropped image of Katy Perry's boobs

Check out what is hanging off the nips

07/06/2010 18:11:46

Walk For Life

We actually did it. Raised £1,110 (and could do more, hint hint).

07/06/2010 10:43:13

Golden (meat) Balls

Friday afternoon is all about the slag of snacks.

04/06/2010 16:37:26

On reflection, Iceland were utterly robbed at Eurovison

Je ne sais pas porquoi

03/06/2010 13:33:41

Liza Minnelli doing Single Ladies

Don't say we didn't warn you...

24/05/2010 15:49:48

Setting a good Example

endless pun potential, none of them good

18/05/2010 10:41:10

A Fittie For Friday #5

Posh totty.

14/05/2010 16:23:09


From the girls themselves...

14/05/2010 15:54:56

All The Lovers

Proper quality new Kylie tune is "out there"

14/05/2010 09:21:53

A Fittie For Friday #4

Did someone say “finger licking good”?

07/05/2010 12:17:17

Lingering Whispers Launch Party

Cryptic art is gay, gay, gay and we j'adore.

07/05/2010 12:00:32

Indie Bingo

We sucked at it.

06/05/2010 15:08:37

I’ve got love for you, if you were born in the 80s, the 80s

Wah wah!

05/05/2010 16:39:46

Holding The Man


05/05/2010 12:01:27

A (Football) Fittie For Friday #3

Grab a hanky

30/04/2010 09:48:23

Gratuitous picture of Francois Sagat


28/04/2010 10:43:35

A Fittie For Friday #2

Come on down, Nathan Evans…

23/04/2010 10:12:04

The Kylie News

You've (We've) Been Waiting For

20/04/2010 12:11:48

At the risk of this turning into a video blog

dedicated to Hunx and his punx...

20/04/2010 11:21:09

"Never Call Me A Fag"

faggy dance music! fag fag free remix fag fag fag etc.

20/04/2010 11:04:26

A Fittie For Friday

For fans of geek chic, The Little Mermaid and alliteration

16/04/2010 13:19:16

Gig Review of DeLorean Drivers

New band, played "intimate*" show last night

15/04/2010 11:50:55

What’s better than a dog in a wig?

A whole cast of dogs dressed up

14/04/2010 15:48:21

Madonna Adopted My Beard

this is what happens when you have too much time on your hands

14/04/2010 14:16:12

Music Go Music

More abba-solute brilliance

14/04/2010 13:02:51

Scissors Sisters sneak peek from their new album.

"Invisible Light" Go on, have a listen.

13/04/2010 15:19:48

What the hell is wrong with you?

You don’t like rock n roll

06/04/2010 12:44:21

Slightly obsessed with the new Mini Viva video

and some other gubbins that doesn't warrant a blog on its own

01/04/2010 15:52:38

Scott Capurro is getting into position

that is, his special Live Comedy stretch.

31/03/2010 12:42:46

Scream Club, Electrosexual, Hard Ton...

Electro queers gone crazy

30/03/2010 12:20:33

drag-onette. not dead yet.

and still making videos....

25/03/2010 11:41:01

Francois Sagat.

Now we've got one word to say to you. Woof.

16/03/2010 22:08:12

The Hidden Cameras Free Download!

Just before they hit the road.

16/03/2010 14:27:44


possibly after Gaga if you like that sort of thing

12/03/2010 11:37:56

Myles Cooper

Now, we don't want to alarm you, but we think one of these men might be a homosexual...

11/03/2010 17:18:28

Moto Boy

Listen to all of his new album. It's lush.

03/03/2010 12:56:41


Warning: Severe Uncritical Gushing Ahoy.

01/03/2010 12:16:41


Last night we went to church. No, really.

23/02/2010 10:03:19

The Magnetic Fields / Chihuahua Trend Update

Say "hello" to Irving.

05/02/2010 14:33:44

Cassette Kids

They're actually kids, but we're betting they won't make many cassettes

03/02/2010 10:52:02

Abbaworld: The Premiere.

It's about time for our Arrival

27/01/2010 12:39:41

Wallpaper* Design Awards 2010

Winner: Best Hangover

15/01/2010 15:34:48

You Knowles It

Beyonce and Solange going in an indie direction...

06/01/2010 12:38:43

Celebrity Big Brother - Urgent

If you do one thing this year, please, follow our appeal

04/01/2010 17:12:37

Bad Romance. Really, really bad.

Para, para, para-o-dy.

17/12/2009 11:20:34

Hot shot of boy on bed in briefs

is unfortunately accompanied by terrible Christmas song

15/12/2009 17:20:06


The best thing to happen to television starts TOMORROW.

14/12/2009 11:38:59


Lets hope Stacey gets a pizza the action.

11/12/2009 13:18:22

Heads We Dance

Caution: please take care on the stairs.

09/12/2009 13:57:49

Heads We Dance

Caution: please take care on the stairs.

09/12/2009 13:57:49

Let me hear your body talk, your body talk…

It says, “Let me go back to sleep”.

09/12/2009 11:15:57

Deutsch Hairspray

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words.

07/12/2009 13:17:06

Gays on Wheels

in Vauxhall of all places.

03/12/2009 12:57:30

Ellie Goulding

Standing room only at Cargo, for her first ever London show.

02/12/2009 13:10:24

Bears + Lady Gaga + Typeface


02/12/2009 11:44:11

Logan Lynn

our exclusive online interview

26/11/2009 12:30:53

Q:Pitch at Barden's Boudoir

Scott Matthew, Dog of Heart, The Gadsdens

02/11/2009 18:33:53

Sister Act

There is a big rotating jesus-as-a-mirrorball. *checks Ikea catalogue*

22/10/2009 14:41:48

Reveal Magazine 5th Birthday

3 of our favourite things: Cake. Booze & Big Brother contestants.

21/10/2009 14:03:26

Rihanna - The Wait Is Ova


20/10/2009 16:37:15

Lady Gaga's Bad Romance

Insert Gaga Pun Here: (GaGaing For It? That'll do.)

20/10/2009 15:36:27

Darkrooms, Dungeons, Back Passages

We filled The London Dungeon with innuendo

16/10/2009 15:24:09

Bananarama's Retirement Gig Last Night

Warning: Ageist Review Ahoy.

13/10/2009 14:06:35

Found In The Ground

At Riverside Studios

07/10/2009 17:44:43

Tate - Modern, Britain, Pop Life, Turner Prize

it's been a busy week, as per yoush

07/10/2009 14:24:27

The Dirty Projectors

Our latest musical obsession

24/09/2009 14:16:14

Andrew Bannister's London Fashion Week Show

It was brilliant no matter what you Facebook haters say

23/09/2009 17:02:28

Dragonette Video Alert - Pick Up The Phone

Settle a fight - which is the best bit?

21/09/2009 13:37:14

Mika's Album Launch Party


18/09/2009 16:40:14

The Golden Filter

Man runs around, presumably chasing a fox

17/09/2009 14:15:23

I Left My Heart In Hackney Road

Saw Mini Viva last night, top stuff.

17/09/2009 11:25:26

Liquid Lunch

with Ladyhawke

16/09/2009 14:18:08

Kids On TV still banging on about Keith Cole

New EP, cheap new video

16/09/2009 11:00:40

What's that sound? I like that sound. I love that sound.

It's the sound of my (Grazia) Shoes.

15/09/2009 16:06:08

Mamma Hypothermia!

Cold Times watching Kylie in Hyde Park last night.

14/09/2009 14:36:36

Bell Orchestre

Instrumental band. Features members of Arcade Fire. Played last night.

10/09/2009 11:34:09

Gay Cowboy Electro Country Pop Singer

Absolutely disgusting

08/09/2009 18:07:15

Robbie Williams Album Playback

A track by track analysis

08/09/2009 12:33:51

KYLIE "doing" ABBA

the gayest ticket in town has just gone on sale

07/09/2009 16:53:14

3oh!3 at the Islington Acadameeeeeee.

totally down with the kids

04/09/2009 16:54:00

Larry Tee protégés rocked the cargo

with playschool strap-ons and glittery tits

28/08/2009 11:00:22

So we were round Patrick Wolf's house yesterday

he styled us in his own clothes

27/08/2009 11:18:17

GT writer takes on Sliimy in a curly quiff off

the French poplet wins

26/08/2009 12:03:29

GT 25 Birthday Bash

Reached dizzying heights on Kensington Roof Garden last night.

21/08/2009 14:05:57

Walking In My Mind

Parcel tape, Wendy houses, Mr Blobby meets the White Stripes

19/08/2009 17:48:38

Hot House launch drinks

Porn stars, booze, where else but Soho, right?

19/08/2009 15:05:08

Some euphoric eurotrash for that afternoon lull

y'know, just after lunch, not quite near enough to hometime...

18/08/2009 16:28:19

It’s getting Hot in here

Royal Vauxhall Tavern’s Hot August Fringe

13/08/2009 17:13:57

Novelty item exciting for 60 seconds

Fizzy pop, Ugly Betty, stickers, pink leopard print, Mode magazine

05/08/2009 15:10:30

Iconography Late at the National Portrait Gallery

You’ve got 37 days to plan an outfit

05/08/2009 14:47:51

Men At Play Re-Launch Party

Some of the girls from the office were there.

17/07/2009 11:56:21

Ten Minutes with Tiga

Mouthing off before his GlobalGathering appearance

17/07/2009 10:41:20

Banging Tunes

It's only Fred Schneider of THE B52s!!!

10/07/2009 16:43:20

Gay Shame Gay Shame Gay Shame

We're so excited and we just can't hide it

03/07/2009 17:04:05

Banging Tunes

exclusive free download! from Bonde Do Role

18/06/2009 18:12:42

Daisy Dares You

Oh GO ON then.

11/06/2009 12:33:58

Banging Tunes

It's from J to the O-Dieeee Harsh!

04/06/2009 12:45:43

Banging Tunes

Is it friday already?! Kissy Sell Out, you're up.

29/05/2009 16:50:34

Banging Tunes

First in our weekly series, Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras tells us what songs he gets his rocks off to.

22/05/2009 15:33:58

Wednesday Evenings Are Cancelled.

well atleast for the next... 3 weeks.

20/05/2009 10:40:39

Das Wanderlust

a funny little onliner with the band

19/05/2009 16:49:49

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence: London House of Common Sluts

They're lending a hand to the IDAHO silent revolution

14/05/2009 12:03:59

Coming out stories for Gay Pride 09

Hello Simon From Homovision Dot TV.

12/05/2009 12:35:31

Biannual European Gay Rugby Championship

It *is* still on! Kings Cross Steelers are to host. Phew.

12/05/2009 12:12:00

Rites of Spring

Justin Bond arrives at the Southbank Centre this weekend.

11/05/2009 15:35:53

The Download Chart May Shortlist

Split second analysis of this months nearly-made-it singles.

11/05/2009 13:38:18

Patrick Wolf's new single, played live in Russia

Three things that caught our attention

27/04/2009 12:01:17

Plugs + We Have Band

2 for 1 on punk-disco party bands

17/04/2009 16:02:36

Fritz Helder and the Phantoms vs Dragonette

Remix fisty-cuffs, honky tonk piano outright winner.

09/04/2009 14:04:57

Various Voices

60 Gay and Lesbian Choirs descend on the Capital

02/04/2009 14:46:39

For Mondays

there’s nothing like some Euro-Trash to cheer things along

30/03/2009 13:19:37

There's an alarming new trend going round

keep your hands to yourself

26/03/2009 16:43:56

Online Extras!

The Full Gentleman Reg Interview

25/03/2009 12:51:56

Lee from Steps being strangled

here is the picture

24/03/2009 16:57:57

Patrick Wolf - it’s about time for his arrival

Taking tips from Xtina, he’s getting dirrrrty.

10/03/2009 14:40:40

8 Reasons Why We Were Loving Alan Carr Last Night

it was like watching telly with him in your front room

10/03/2009 13:14:52

Wotever Sex @ Royal Vauxhall Taverns, London.

Read All About It.

06/03/2009 12:46:58

Dog Of Hearts

"The Hidden Cameras have more spin-offs than the OctoMom!"

05/03/2009 12:11:27

Gay Is The New Punk

it was a t-shirt so obviously very, very true

03/03/2009 14:57:14


Online extras with the band (we've run dry of milk puns, thanks gus)

24/02/2009 10:25:23

Songs We Praise

hot trans man with sense of humour alert

23/02/2009 10:43:03

Red Blooded Women - Enjoy The Silence

We're getting ready for the weekend with some big fat gay remixes. Eight of them.

20/02/2009 15:57:53

Edward Carpenter

homosexual, socialist, anarchist, vegetarian... pagan?

19/02/2009 11:11:51


Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender History Month - Catchy.

11/02/2009 16:30:54

Ladytron are writing songs for Christina Aguilera

we know, we know.... Christina-Who?

28/01/2009 12:44:04

Gratuitous Nudity for 2009

and charity, of course

18/12/2008 16:29:39

My fifteen split seconds of fame

in Amanda Palmer's 'Leeds United' video

24/11/2008 12:22:41

Yo! Majesty tore up the barfly last night

Uh-Mazing: tits, spliffs, rap and a teenage stage invasion

18/11/2008 14:33:09

If Beyonce Were A Boy

We can think of a few things to pass the time

14/10/2008 15:43:13

Movember is coming up. Mo’s-ahoy!

So it’s more Mo’(ustache) than (Ho)‘Mo, still...

14/10/2008 13:21:57

Perez Hilton has written the lyrics and sung a song

unfortunately, he was near a microphone at the time

25/09/2008 11:55:24

Skin Two Rubber Ball

we were there

17/09/2008 13:59:22


more singles we love

10/09/2008 13:13:08

Amanda Palmer shot a new video at the weekend

it's got snogging football fans and everything

02/09/2008 12:57:52

The Hidden Cameras are in town

lock up your sons

21/08/2008 11:01:49

Songs We Praise

Beard Lust by Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head

19/08/2008 12:37:54

Beyonce is a money stealing, burger eating, potty-mouthed alcoholic.

(According to the new Cazwell single)

11/08/2008 10:58:18

Little Boots is loving us, loving her.

bloggy style

07/08/2008 12:07:35

UK Black Pride Is Almost Here

And there are two official after parties to choose from

05/08/2008 11:21:37

05/08/2008 10:37:58

I think we've found the next Sugababe

(it's only a matter of time before the position is vacant again)

04/08/2008 14:48:51

STILL feeling bitchy?

Then go fug yourself.

22/07/2008 10:24:37

If you're already sick of Katy Perry's bar-sexual ode I Kissed A Girl...

Here's the anti-dote.

18/07/2008 12:08:25

Australias funniest export is getting a humour transplant

in America. :( x 100

15/07/2008 11:34:13

Bras For Men

don't swing out, sister

14/07/2008 11:33:20

Shakespeare shook up in RVT's Summer Panto

farce paced and fantastic

27/06/2008 12:31:48

Ready to Roll-er D.I.S.C.O

gt yr sk8s on

19/06/2008 16:44:09

The Bangles, Kim Wilde, Bucks Fizz, Boy George, Mari Wilson, Paul Young...

Wanna see them VIP festival style?

19/06/2008 10:46:24

Win a Car!*

*sort of

09/06/2008 16:15:08

Fancy a stint on a TV Gameshow?

Guinea Pigs Needed. Must Bring Own Boyf.

06/06/2008 15:03:23

Gratuitous homoerotic pop video of the week

Now, we don't need many reasons to watch semi naked men on the internet...

04/06/2008 14:40:06


John Waters to make kids film. A film for kids. By JOHN WATERS.

12/05/2008 13:02:37

Kerazy Madonna Mash-Up!

Party Like It's 2001

08/05/2008 12:51:46

Vocal divas, take cover...

"If Dolly Parton wrote it and Whitney Houston stole it. If Celine Dion could reach it, I’ll hit the money note!"

07/05/2008 17:29:11


It's the new Fierce...

21/04/2008 17:33:54

Wine Time

GT has a case of 12 bottles of award-winning Kendermanns Pinot Grigio 2006 to give away to two lucky website viewers.

15/04/2008 15:01:01

Top 5 US Singer Songwriter Ahoy!

Come and meet Sara Bareilles, she's lovely.

02/04/2008 16:43:50

U Look Like A Gay very dare you!

10/03/2008 17:22:04

Sunny Day Sets Fire @ The Luminaire, Kilburn

Managing to overcome the awful band name they’re actually pretty (and) good.

04/03/2008 14:02:42

Your New Favourite French Pop Singer

What the Yelle is going on tonight?

26/02/2008 17:16:33

Life is Boring

And so are generic indie boy bands.

25/02/2008 13:18:23

Not the New Amy Winehouse

No, things are far more serious for the young Gabriella Cilmi. She's the new...

21/02/2008 12:27:01

18/02/2008 21:56:48

Justice @ The Astoria

All style and loads of substances, Justice make a racquet and flash some pretty lights.

15/02/2008 12:47:10

Robots In Disguise @ Mean Fiddler, London

Body-popping tin foil homemade robots – and that’s just the dancers.

13/02/2008 20:13:48

Scott Matthew @ Bush Hall, London

Scott Matthew is the bearded songwriter responsible for almost half the heart breaking songs that make up the soundtrack

11/02/2008 22:20:43

Let the good times all Role out

Last night I went to the glorified roundabout that is Elephant and Castle in saaaf London, to go and see Bonde Do Role...

01/06/2007 15:57:35

Brand whores and indie bores

Last week the NME asked the all male band The Rumblestrips something like “If you had to get off with another member of

31/05/2007 11:18:08