Bob Henderson

All our gossip from the Robyn show last night

She took us to Heaven (we made our own way back)

Right, the gig last night was all kinds of amazing, but you'll find a musical breakdown of things elsewhere. She messed up a few songs and still had the crowd lapping up her hour long set of hits. She even did the hands-up-and-down-your-own-back thing that we loved so much about the Dancing On My Own video.

The gossip:

Coco Sumner, singer of I Blame Coco and sprog of Sting supported. Having not been over impressed with her acoustic set, she was actually pretty good. She also does this weird dancemove like she's weight lifting but her elbows are glued to her hips, which we have a strange respect for.

We bumped into the drummer from Veronica Falls, he was hella drunk, invited us to a secret party then forgot to text us. :(

Little Boots was there, but we only know that because of the joy of twitter.

Holly Vallance was there, we only know that because we saw someone who looked exactly like her wearing a top hat.

We bumped into Rupert Everett outside Leicester Square tube on the way home.

And that, folks, is all. Unless we go back on Saturday for her G-A-Y performance, though frankly there were quite enough gays at the 'proper gig' as it was.

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