Bob Henderson

On reflection, Iceland were utterly robbed at Eurovison

Je ne sais pas porquoi

Right, we’ve had a few days to digest the experience that was Eurovision over the weekend and keep coming to the conclusion that Hera Bjork is the best thing to happen to gays and music since…. Well, since we were obsessed with the last Robyn single, frankly (we’ve had Paula Seling and Ovi’s Playing With Fire on repeat too, but no one else in the office is with me on that one).

Je Ne Sias Quoi is quite simply a brilliant balls out, tits out, electro pop stormer, a heady mix of GCSE French, dramatic diva piano, four to the floor, It’s Raining Men moments, sauna synth riffs and that gut wrenchingly brilliant key change. And the video…. Oh the video:

She’s the antithesis of your tiny pop muppets and big lunged divas and we are properly, full on obsessed. *screams, does bow and arrow, bow and arrow dance moves*

Photo: Gudmundur Thor Karason

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People, "Je ne sais quoi" is already a huge obsession for me! I simply can't stop myself playing it again and again. I think this song is so full of light, hope and joy! It's about confessing your love! So simple and so true! Hera's voice is so fluid and energetic! The entire song is overwhelming! It's a long time since I didn't fall in love so much for a new song... "Je ne sais quoi" is made to fall in love with somebody and enjoying like crazy!... So beautiful!...

Added by amedeoene

03/06/2010 15:24:37