Time to rubber up!

Hoxton Rubber Photographic Art Gallery presents “Exhibition 3”

31/01/2014 15:48:21

Win a holiday for 2 at The European Gay Ski Week!

It's the largest gathering of gays in the snow!

20/12/2013 16:25:50

Could you be my daddy?

Southend Council are looking for a home for four-year-old Chase.

24/09/2013 14:35:53

Favourite quote of the day

Congratulations Lady GaGa, you are today's winner!

12/02/2009 12:58:20

Gus Van Sant's new movie "Milk"

Read interviews in GT with two of the Hollywood co-stars James Franco and Emile Hirsch...

09/01/2009 11:01:26

My first time in Berlin [002]

GT's deputy editor discovers an interesting ball in one of Europe's most exciting cities.

08/01/2009 15:35:42

My first time in Berlin [001]

GT's deputy editor Joe Heaney visits one of Europe's most exciting cities.

08/01/2009 15:21:33

Follow the yellow brick road...

Lorna Luft visits the Rovers Return!

02/12/2008 15:38:52

This Christmas...

George Michael announces he's releasing a festive 7"! (record that is)

28/11/2008 16:16:13


Britney's new album cover...

17/11/2008 12:29:02

Win tickets to "Mamma Mia! The Movie" screening...

And you can sing along too!

17/11/2008 12:13:35

John Barrowman's new gay video

See it here...

07/11/2008 17:11:32

Bloc Party

Get Intimate

22/10/2008 17:58:09

Amazing Grace

Grace Jones announces new tour...

15/10/2008 15:38:15

Bring on the gender theory

Current TV goes gay this weekend...

13/10/2008 16:59:31

Sugababes album launch

GT was there last night!

10/10/2008 18:29:55

The new Britney Spear's single

Hear it here!

26/09/2008 15:25:43

Rule Britannia

Queens rule the waves...

15/09/2008 15:38:46

We all like a bit of bling

But is this taking it too far...?

27/08/2008 10:52:18

Lust at the Olympic games

It's not just us that have got the horn...

18/08/2008 14:18:56

Greco-Roman Wrestling

The most homoerotic sport of all time?

15/08/2008 11:57:58


Grace Jones unveils video for new single.

14/08/2008 15:06:28

Michael Phelps' mega meals

If you want to eat saturated fat, become an athlete.

14/08/2008 11:00:19

A Dark Night At The Cinema

A few thoughts on the new Batman movie.

30/07/2008 11:14:54

Madonna's getting old

Get over it.

29/07/2008 17:08:46

Feeling bitchy?

Why not take a look at Vice magazine's DOs and DON'Ts.

17/07/2008 17:19:51

Video of the day

Colton Ford gets naked...

09/07/2008 16:58:32

Bloc Party

New single world exclusive.

08/07/2008 10:53:00


Re-formed Boyzone look hot shocker!

07/07/2008 15:08:41

She's back!

New Grace Jones album announced...

30/06/2008 10:44:10

Bomb scare!

News just in from Cazwell and Amanda Lepore...

26/06/2008 10:52:56

Is it a boy or a girl?

Meet Sir Gay!

25/06/2008 15:51:53

Down with homophobia...

And yey for Lily Allen!

24/06/2008 16:02:50

He's not anti-gay, ok!

Rock star rants...

23/06/2008 13:04:46

Meet Francois Sagat

And let him touch your pen!

12/06/2008 11:10:09

Get to the dancefloor

This is the most requested song in London's G-A-Y club apparently...

11/06/2008 17:55:48

Hello boys...

McFly talks exclusively to GT about their new album.

04/06/2008 15:59:38


Win tickets to see ALPHABEAT play Heaven this Wednesday.

02/06/2008 18:12:37


So have you seen the film yet?

30/05/2008 11:55:47


See Ben Affleck's new movie courtesy of GT.

28/05/2008 18:30:27

Sigur Ros

Hear the first song from their new album tonight and download the track FOR FREE.

27/05/2008 14:02:21

Do you like where you work?

Imagine if it was inside Madge's "sweet spot"...

23/05/2008 17:19:02

Amazing celeb non-story

It's crazy what those stars get up to!

22/05/2008 12:17:24

New word!


20/05/2008 12:55:33

Leave Cynthia Nixon alone!

So she's gay. Get over it girl...

20/05/2008 11:22:50

GT Hero

On old TV clip of queer hero Jack Kerouac resurrected...

16/05/2008 15:36:44

America gets a little bit better...

Gay marriage gets thumbs up in California.

16/05/2008 11:22:20

Leave Dolly Alone!

Parton not happy with shock jock's trickery...

15/05/2008 12:24:59

While we on the subject of gay American artists...

Andy Warhol on Jasper Johns...

14/05/2008 17:00:10

GT Hero

We dig up an old vid of artist Robert Rauchenberg who died yesterday.

14/05/2008 16:54:54

"Lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people have the same rights as others"

Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights gives pro gay speech.

14/05/2008 11:58:12

Courting Love

Courtney Love has reportedly scrapped her comeback album to work with a little known musician.

13/05/2008 12:48:48

Fishing for a TV career

She's over The Sound Of Music now she's discovered rock'n'roll...

13/05/2008 10:41:57


Win a copy of this CD!

12/05/2008 16:18:25

International Day Against Homophobia

Brighton event details released...

12/05/2008 11:35:24

Nice bum

Someone's been working out...

12/05/2008 11:13:10

Back to the future

Sharleen Spiteri is releasing a solo album.

07/05/2008 11:06:13

Yet more about Kylie

She's been writing some letters, or something.

02/05/2008 14:13:55

Gay gingers are STILL hot!

Andy Butler talks through the Hercules & The Love Affair album #3

02/05/2008 10:53:24

Gay gingers are hot!

Andy Butler talks through the Hercules & The Love Affair album #2

01/05/2008 16:56:48

Gay gingers are hot!

Andy Butler talks through the Hercules & The Love Affair album #1

01/05/2008 15:34:22

What are you doing tomorrow night?

How about this?

01/05/2008 13:27:47

Never Ending Story

Sir Ian McKellen will play Gandalf in The Hobbit.

01/05/2008 12:00:41

Pray for our sins

GT analyses Kylie picture...

30/04/2008 15:59:40

Let's get physical

Olivia Newton-John saves a kitten!

30/04/2008 11:39:07

Running Up That Hill

Hear Colplay's new single FOR FREE here.

29/04/2008 17:37:55

Cher and Tom Cruise – doin' it!

Cher was "crazy" for Tom Cruise when the couple dated. Weirdness!

29/04/2008 17:22:53

X Marks The Spot

The KylieX2008 tour opens in gay Paris on May 6th.

29/04/2008 16:57:42

Pop shocker!

Madonna's new album Hard Candy is in the shops today.

28/04/2008 16:05:57

Her bloody valentine

Patti Smith's new tribute to Robert Mapplethorpe

28/04/2008 12:58:04

We discovered him first!

Former GT cover model hottie appears in new Kylie video.

28/04/2008 12:13:42

Sex In A Different City

Sex and the City: The Movie will have its world premiere in London.

28/04/2008 10:55:35

Do you have some spare change knocking about?

Perhaps you'd like to give it to Rupert Everett.

18/04/2008 11:24:29

Madonna is not funny

Oh dear. This doesn't really work, does it?:

18/04/2008 11:20:19

Praye, what sound be thys?

It's Portishead actually.

04/04/2008 17:28:46

Diva dementia

How not to travel by aeroplane.

04/04/2008 11:43:25


Janet Jackson is awarded gay honour.

02/04/2008 15:26:09

April Fool!

Were you tricked by this?

01/04/2008 13:26:48


Rick Astley is back – but by accident...

01/04/2008 12:49:42

Fashionistas are craaazeee

Step back in time to 1995...

01/04/2008 11:05:42

Rambo or Madonna

NATOs role model – you decide!

31/03/2008 13:54:50

What’s mine is yours

Joe Heaney asks what is “gay” music?

28/03/2008 15:38:23

Nice balls

Footballers go naked!

25/03/2008 17:13:19

Haven't we seen you somewhere else?

It seems the tabloid’s favourite punchbag may finally be getting her life back on track.

19/03/2008 15:49:20

Blonde Ambition

Wanna meet the "Swedish Kylie"?

13/03/2008 13:21:13

Arty Party

What are you doing tonight?

13/03/2008 12:06:36

Are you sitting comfortably? #2

Look at the legs on this!

11/03/2008 16:02:54

Are you sitting comfortably?

If not, maybe you'd prefer one of these...

11/03/2008 12:13:10

Joan As Policewoman's new single online already

Wowzers, hurrah, yippee, etc…

10/03/2008 16:28:04

Daniel Craig nudey shocker!

How are you feeling?

10/03/2008 11:45:54

I know what you're thinking

Scientists in America have succeeded in reading peoples’ minds using a new technique developed from standard hospital...

06/03/2008 15:27:15

Bonde Do Role new members shocker

Our second fav Brazilian (gay) band* have announced fierce new members.

04/03/2008 11:20:25

Emma Bunton's cousin

Emma Bunton's cousin is in a band. You can hear them here.

29/02/2008 15:59:36

Do you want to be in a boyband?

Well do you?

26/02/2008 10:32:36

Hot men + fine art + design = James Brook

Bored of Xtube?

25/02/2008 16:03:16

George Michael with great abs

George Michael may have lived through the decade that style forgot (the 80s), but even still, you’ve probably never seen

19/02/2008 12:36:27

Absolutely Flawless at New York Fashion Week

Look who GT has spotted trying to out fierce each other at the Marc Jacobs show during New York’s fashion week. The...

13/02/2008 15:22:06

Mariah Carey's new single premiered tomorrow (Wed 13th Feb)

Mariah Carey’s new single Touch My Body is getting its radio debut tomorrow (13th Feb) on both Jo Whiley's BBC Radio One

12/02/2008 16:03:31

Scottish football goes gay

For the first time in Scottish football history gay teams from both Edinburgh and Glasgow will be competing against each

07/11/2007 10:34:25

Homophobic twats F**K OFF.

I’ve been a little depressed lately what with hearing about this and this. It didn’t help that on the train into work...

30/05/2007 11:21:25

To sing or not to sing?

So what if Britney Spears mimes?

25/05/2007 16:02:33

New Young Pony Club UK tour announced

"Bright lights! Bright lights!"

24/05/2007 13:35:57

Mick Jagger's alleged

Please say this isn't true!

23/05/2007 15:08:57

House Buying Hell

I am currently buying a flat.

23/05/2007 12:12:33