Meet Francois Sagat

And let him touch your pen!

Porn star, clothes designer and all round hottie Francois Sagat (that's the TitanMed model with the hair tattoo), will be doing a signing in the Expectations store, London, tomorrow (Friday 13th June) at 7pm.

In honour of this occasion GT would like to publish our LOVE/HATE interview with Sagat which appeared in our March 2008 issue:

Love Vs Hate
Porn star, fashion designer and photographer Francois Sagat gives us the lowdown on these hot topics randomly chosen by GT’s Love/Hate Computer.

Marilyn Manson Love. because he's a visionnaire and he's polite.
Clothes shopping Hate. It's useless for me. I just like useful clothes.
Nicholas Sarkozy Love. Because he shows too much emotions. That will kill him. Haa haa…
Reading Love... it’s a due (and you didn’t ask about "reading books").
Ikea Hate, because 10% is acceptable and that’s a bad deal.
Andy Warhol Love. Because he would care about a new wig for me.
London Love. The English think they're unique... and they're right. London is full of energy.
Porn HATE to LOVE it. I just accept it... I think its necessary though
Tatoos Hate it. Love people without.
Jesus Christ Love not to believe in Him.

Francois wears a hoodie from Phase, the fashion line he guest designs T-shirts for.

While we're on the subject signings, porn director Chi Chi LaRue will also be doing a signing tommorrow (June 13th) at 7pm, this time at Prowler Soho, London. Don't forget, there is also a tell-all interview with LaRue in the August issue of GT, out June 18th. BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT BUY....

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What an evening of porniness there is tomorrow!!! I'm going for the Chi Chi madness... maybe we can convince her to head to Expectations after her signing?

Added by FrenchBen

12/06/2008 14:43:55