Jonathan Ross a homophobe? Oh PURLEASE!

Jonathan Ross Homophobic? Come on? When so much has moved so fast in the UK in terms of LGBT Human Rights aren't we just

14/05/2009 16:01:55

The Queen takes out GT subscription

HM The Queen has taken out a subscription to GT and given the magazine her royal seal of approval.

01/04/2009 10:04:40

Ireland gets own gay radio show

With the Irish media being swamped with gays, from the likes of BB’s Brian Dowling to the hilarious Graham Norton,...

07/01/2009 16:22:03

Downsized your life? Talk to GT

Have you stepped out of the rat race? Downsized your life? Are you feeling happier for having less? If so, please drop...

12/08/2008 17:12:19

Mr T Snickers Commercial - withdrawn? What you talking about Fool?

You are Nuts, Fool. Over the years there have been plenty of things for gay men to take umbrage with on TV, but Mr T...

30/07/2008 11:40:14

Bashing the Bishops

The Lambeth Conference opened last Sunday with the one person who the Anglican communion are getting their vicars in a...

28/07/2008 09:33:40

Rufus Wainwright - First Judy, then Elvis

I'm SO loving this gorgeous Teddy Thompson song, Lookout for Rufus Wainwright turning up as an Elvis impersonating...

17/07/2008 16:50:15

Facebook Fanpage Random Stuff Winner

Congratulations to Liam Williams, who has won a collection of random stuff from the Gay Times office. Liam uploaded his

04/07/2008 12:14:21

Help Health Initiatives - HIV clinic needs your support

Health Initiatives (HI) has been in the process of setting up a weekend HIV clinic has received back from an investor to

19/06/2008 12:07:19

David Beckham exclusive backstage shoot footage from Sharpie TV commercial

Exclusively See David Beckham here backstage on a shoot for Sharpie Marker's TV commercial. He may only be our...

16/06/2008 16:44:34

David Davis - I feel confused but relieved by his stand.

David Davis resigned from the Conservatives because the Left are taking away our civil liberties. Kelvin Mackenzie,...

15/06/2008 17:51:39

Angela Lansbury joins GT marketing team

Meet Patrick Angela Preston Lansbury, the newest addition to GT's crack marketing team. Photograph by David Drury, art...

18/04/2008 22:02:00

Tibet. A Dark Olympic Torch.

The Olympic torch comes to the UK – A wonderful beacon? Representing Olympic ideals? Hardly. Instituted by Germany in...

07/04/2008 14:27:44

Win free stuff on our great Competitions pages

WinWinWin!!! a £1200 computer, a hand-tailored suit worth £500 or Win the world’s simplest video camcorder at ...

16/03/2008 09:28:39

Cyber Bullying - The dirty truth

I saw a video clip on You Tube which knocked me out of my cosy middle class world adn reminded me how hateful homophobes

21/02/2008 10:54:13

Suffer Little Children

Catholic Guilt – Christian Love shows its true face again I’m sick of it - When anti discrimination laws were...

24/10/2007 16:20:03

Fill in our readers survey and you could win £200!!!

It's True! we want to make sure we know our readers as well as possible - where do you like to go? What do you like to...

16/10/2007 13:32:27

Censored by the London Underground on our Freedom issue

It's forty years since homosexuality was decriminalised and society seems to pretty much have come to terms with it -...

16/07/2007 18:00:56

Hepatitis C Hee Be Jee Bees

I attended a gay media advisory board about Hepatitis C and was shocked to discover how little I know about this...

14/06/2007 14:54:31

You can win a signed Marc Almond album and a chance to meet him backstage

To celebrate the launch of Stardom Road, Sanctuary Records is pleased to offer a special “Stardom” prize pack containing

05/06/2007 14:58:45

Moscow Madness

The Mayor of Moscow banned gay pride again. Activists, including our own Peter Tatchell, travelled far and wide to...

28/05/2007 12:48:43

The Sun King sets

Is a Lorde Browne victim of homophobia.

16/05/2007 10:09:11