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LISTEN: Brilliant new track from Alphabeat's Stine Bramsen

Prototypical ain't no Alphabeat

It may come as no surprise, but when it comes to music, we have a firm love for upbeat, catchy and infectious pop tunes. We just can't help ourselves. And with that in mind, we've always had a bit of a soft sport for Danish pop tykes – and former GT cover stars, thank you very much – Alphabeat.

It's been a while since we've had anything new from them, though – and the charts at the minute are sincerely lacking because of it. What exactly is a Timber, anyway? The top 40 these days is crying out for something fresh and powerfully buoyant.

It's serendipitous event, then, that a top secret preview of the debut solo single from Alphabeat's Stine Bramsen dropped into our inbox.

Now, before you start to panic – don't worry. There's not even a hint of a split in the group. This is simply Stine going it alone and giving her luscious vocal chords a much-needed stretch.

If you think she couldn’t get any better than being part of the famed Alphabeat, then think again. Her new single Prototypical is a delicious pop gem of a record that'll have you clapping, stomping your feet and raising your hands to the sky like a fabulous gay gospel choir.

This song is most definitely a track that explodes on impact, with empowering melodies which plonk you right in the centre of an already crowded dance floor. It’s a song that will most definitely take you to church as Stine preaches a victorious message of self-confidence and loving yourself before you love anyone else. The gospel pop feel of the song is enhanced by drum beats, tambourine clashes and many female backing vocals that add fuel to the fire of ferocity.

Preach Sister Stine, for we are converted.

Prototypical is released on 20 January.
Words: Daniel Riding @danielriding

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