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Watch out for those Mean Boyz

Todrick Hall returns with a stellar Mean Girls parody

Today a video dropped into the GT inbox of the latest musical offering from Todrick Hall. This is a name that you may have heard of, he is a musical YouTube sensation, known for his highly entertaining musical parodies of classic and worldwide favourite films.

Not so long ago it was the ten year anniversary of one our favourite movies ever – Mean Girls. To mark this beloved occasion, Todrick and a pink and fluffy cast of extras created a wonderfully hilarious tribute, appropriately called Mean Boyz.

It’s clear that like us here at GT, Todrick and his crew know this film back to front and inside out because this video it is a hilarious comedic interpretation of a camp classic. If you didn’t think Mean Girls could get any gayer then you're clearly mistaken.

With fabulous cameos from fellow YouTube veteran Chris Crocker, the gorgeous model Colby Melvin, and the obligatory cameo from a RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni Willam Belli, this is a deliciously camp and entertaining five minutes of pure unadulterated musical creativity.

We think this would be awesome if it became an actual film. Did I hear someone say Here’s hoping.

Check out the video below:

Words: Daniel Riding (@danielriding)

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