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Treat yourself at Medicetics this Christmas

We went for a treatment at this fabulous London clinic

Being slightly vain bitches here at GT Towers, we're always a little bit excited when we get to check out a clinic that will satisfy the desire to look our best. And of all the skin treatment clinics we've ever reviewed, we must say, Medicetics in London is one of the best.

When we first entered the ultra-modern clinic,we were warmly greeted and informed we would have a photograph taken, which not only allows their fully-qualified doctors to see any improvements you may need, but also gives you a handy 'before and after' comparison once you've completed one of their treatments.

We spoke with Geoffrey Mullan, one of the UK's foremost experts in cosmetic medicine, who went through with us step-by-step about what he sees not only on our faces right now, but what we will potentially need to do in the future to keep looking our best. He has a ridiculously keen eye for aesthetics and gave us a no-nonsense guide on what areas the clinic could help with. There was no sales pitch, he wasn't trying to manouvere us into procedures we didn't need, and he gave some wonderful advice on the science behind what products out there that promise eternal youth actually work, and also the ones that are just a waste of money. We wish we could carry Geoffrey Mullan around to every chemist and beauty store we've ever been to. His honest input was not only refreshing but invaluable.

We decided to go for a glycolic peel. I'm a 31-year-old man who takes care of his skin, but is starting to see the very first signs of ageing. Skin peels are great because they're cost effective, the results can last from month to years, there's little or no recovery and are fantastic for pigmentation, scarring, lines, wrinkles or dull skin - something this reviewer suffers from thanks to the addiction to those evil cancer sticks.

The lovely Tabitha Finch, the Aesthetic and Beauty Consultant, showed us to her room, where she explained the treatment fully, along with any potential issues that could arise. Although it must be said, any negative reactions are extremely rare. The treatment was actually wonderful, with soothing music playing throughout, and it didn't hurt a bit. Contrary to popular belief, skin peels these days do not leave you with a red, peeling face, there's no more downtime than you would expect from a standard facial. The treatment tingled very slightly for five minutes, but it certainly wasn't painful or particularly unpleasant. Some people do find a slight redness to the higher strength of glycolic, but my skin (which is naturally light brown) reacted well. Again, whoever's performing the treatment will explain all of this fully before proceeding.

The end result was fantastic, and we noticed the brightness and flush of colour was back in our cheeks instantly.

The doctors at Medicetics have all been UK trained and qualified for over six years and, we must say, it's one of the best-run, best-looking and most informed clinics we've been too for some time. If you're not happy with the result, they will even offer a follow-up program at no additional cost. Safe, modern treatments with a real personal touch. We highly recommend.

Medicetics is at 37 Connaught Street, London W2 2AZ. Check out the Medicetics website for more details.


For luminous skin this party season, Medicetics are offering offer the opportunity to try their ultimate rejuvenation facial at the discounted price of £90 (usually £150).

90 minutes of pure indulgence, this new anti-ageing facial will be tailor-made to your specific needs, to give your skin a genuinely noticeable boost.


• Radiofrequency skin tightening to stimulate new collagen
• Lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and congestion
• Advanced AHA/PHA technology to improve cellular turnover, brightening and hydrating your skin

*All facial offers apply only to bookings made before 31st December 2013 and are subject to availability. Please quote 'GAYTIMES13' when booking.

Words: Lee Dalloway

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