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Dick! Comes Again: Bigger, Longer, Harder.

Dusty O in Dick! is the best cure for the winter blues since the invention of Prozac.

The endlessly talented Miss Dusty O returns as Sofonda Cox in Stuart Saint’s brilliantly funny adult panto, Dick! Comes Again: Bigger, Longer, Harder. The much loved children’s tale of Dick Whittington has been given a deliciously naughty make over by writer and director Stuart Saint.

Like one of the Made In Chelsea cast, posh top tottie Dick (with a penchant for shouting ‘CROTCH!’ randomly and being generally oversexed at all times) takes his ‘Latin Lover’ feline friend, Dave The Cat off to London to find fame, fortune and female friends. Fortunately, they’ve got his lovable East End fairy godmother Fairy Bell-End to look after them, as the evil Queen Runt is there to try and scupper their chances at every turn.

When Dick and Dave arrive in London, they come across the saucy S’HoHo sex club run by sharp tongued Grande Dame, Sofonda Cox and her homely niece, Alice Fitz-Nicely. Despite running this seedy sin bin, the pair are heirs to the Fitz-Nicely family fortune (which is basically some jewels and the key to unlock Alice’s chastity belt so that she can finally get some naughty nookie) and Dick and Dave are there to help in any way they can. All they need to do is find the map that will lead them to their goal and get there without Queen Runt stopping them.

Like all adult pantos, the joy of Dick! is being able to lose yourself in the silliness of it all and get to grips with how ‘saucy seaside postcard’ it is. It’s crude, it’s rude and it’s racier than a coked up pony at the Grand National.

There are some great songs (all of the cast have excellent voices) and expertly delivered comedy lines, hilarious chase scenes and general slap stick humour. As well as wonderful audience participation that helps get everyone in the room on the same side (I’ve still not actually got a clue what happened to me when I was led up onto the stage and blindfolded – but the audience loved it, and so did I).

But what really makes Dick! stand out from the rest is the brilliant cast and the very sharp, topical and funny script. Laura Curnick is delightful as Fairy Bell-End, Laura Hyde is loveable as Alice Fitz-Nicely, Paula Masterson looks every part the evil Queen, while both Dave Bibby as Dick and Nick Read as Dave the Cat are both surprisingly sexy in their roles (if you like arrogant Chelsea boys and slinky Spanish… erm… cats). However, the undisputed star of the show has to be Dusty O as Sofonda Cox. She’s got the ability to pull the perfect face for every situation, ad-lib a plenty and make the audience laugh so hard that there’s hardly any chance to breathe.

If you only see one adult gay panto this year, then make sure you see Dick!

Dick! Comes Again runs until 19th January 2014 at The Leicester Square Theatre, London. For tickets and booking information call 0844 873 3433 or go to:

GT gives this a camp 4/5

Words: Matthew Christian

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