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Dandy Licks: Wed 27 Nov

The freshest pop tracks spinning out of GT Towers this week...

Ella Eyre - Deeper
You may recognise the name and the tones from Rudimental's chart/club crossover stomper Waiting All Night. This time, Ms Eyre gets to deliver more than a dozen words in this deliciously funky slab of reggae-tinged pop soul. Effortlessly gliding from a smoky vocal-led verse to a powerful batty-winin' chorus, we knew this lady was something special when we first heard her break out the gut-busting vocal on Radio 1's Live Lounge. Sexy and sassy, this is one sharp solo debut.

Claire – Broken Promise Land
Munich-based collective Claire claim to blend their musical concoctions with a tantalising dose of synthpop, indietronica and hip-hop properties, which doesn’t sound too shabby at all does it? They must be doing something right, having recently bagged a song feature on one of BMW’s new adverts for their sparkling new single “Broken Promise Land.” The track, which is taken from their EP of the same name, exudes all the right credentials of a full-blown corker with pulsating synths and swift piano arpeggios galore. We’re also a big fan of the band’s golden-locked frontrunner Josie-Claire Bürkle who displays the vocal tonality and charisma of a promising, young singer/songwriter. Stunning!

Aiden – Better Man
Former X Factorian and undeniable looker Aiden Grimshaw, now compressed to a slightly more accessible Aiden, is back after what seemed like a rather long hiatus from the music scope and it’s safe to say we’re just a little bit hysterical. “Better Man” glides exceedingly well with a downpour of cascading, College-esque synths before hitting hard with a host of dramatic build ups and angel-kissed falsetto. The lyrics will surely make your heart yearn for the Lancashire lad beyond comprehension, assuming he hadn’t already, as he proclaims ‘I want to kiss your lips once more/put cushions on the bedroom floor/ I want to be a better man/please understand.’ Coupled with an edgy new look, it’s clear to see we’ve got a genuine pop comeback in our midst.

Ulla Nova – Kid From London
Don’t be fooled by this gal’s elegant exterior – when it comes to the music, Ulla Nova is as dirty as they come! Born in London, the chanteuse’s appropriately titled debut “Kid From London” could quite easily be mistaken for a M.I.A track as it soars with a flamboyant production of bombastic synths and urban-tinged beats. The verses further relish in Ulla Nova’s spoken ramblings which basque in a coat of endearing yet equally ballsy attitude that we can’t quite seem to get enough off. One thing’s for sure, we’re expecting big things from this girl come 2014. Who's with us?

Kiddy Smile - Get Myself Alone
A big fat YES to this Paris-based performer/DJ and his hypnotic 90s-inspired house sounds. Get Myself Alone is not only ridiculously catchy but manages to strut its dancing shoes across both the club floor and the commercial radio airwaves. The music video is also a homage to the decade where we didn't realise how good we had everything, channeling CK realness but with a distinctly 21st century fashorn twist. Retro minimalist with a dollop of full-on freshness... we likey!

Pssst... even better, you can download the tune from the Soundcloud link at the bottom. WOO!

Words: Lee Dalloway (@Leeroydalvin)
Sam Baker (@SamTRBaker)

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