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Dandy Licks: Tue 19 Nov

Established and fresh talent in Team GT's top tunes of the week

Lily Allen - Hard Out Here
“Oh, she’s racist ‘cos she’s got black backup dancers!” they cry. “She’s not doing enough for female empowerment!” they bleat. “Why is she in the music industry if she’s always whining about it?” they scorn. Well, we’ll tell you why - because Lily Allen remains one of the most refreshing voices on the ever-banal landscape of 21st century synthpop. Cutting through to the heart of music industry politics and still managing to create a ridiculously catchy tune with a subversive, hilarious video in the process. We concede that having backup dancers who are white record executives in tiny thongs would have been even more controversial (and funnier), but Lily’s still making a stand for female empowerment way more than Miley Cyrus, whose contrived little girl gone bad act continues to bore the planet. She’s also one of the few artists who cuts through the bullshit, not just of the music industry, but of many more targets the world should be rallying against but aren’t. She even throws in some self-deprecating remarks in for good measure. Oh Lily, we ain’t half missed you!

Sam Smith x Nile Rodgers x Disclosure x Jimmy Napes - Together
2013 has certainly seen Chic legend Nile Rodgers slather his soulful guitar grooves all over the world of pop, featuring on Chase and Status, Aviici and Daft Punk, and now it’s the turn of Disclosure. The supremely awesome Sam Smith takes vocal duties on this low-slung, stuttering slice of epic funk, with production duties taken up by Jimmy Napes, it truly is a collaboration of talent both new and established. Thankfully, the impressive all-star cast manages to deliver big and this track scores ridiculously high on the groovealicious scale. Simply lay back, swing those legs in the air and allow this soulful commingling to take advantage of you, spreading its musical seed all over your trembling tatas. Don’t be scared now, you’re in good hands.

Freaky Boiz - Bounce
The world of rap isn’t the most accepting place of homosexuality, what with Kanye’s ‘no homo’ motto and Eminem’s love of the insult ‘faggot’, but Freaky Boiz are proving that spitting lyrics and man-on-man love can go hand in hand. With their single ‘Bounce’, Chicago natives Terrance ‘TtGotIt’ Wilson and Pierre ‘Prince Charming’ Phipps rap over sick synth with honest, filthy and horny lyrics like “To each his own, I like them big and long”, “Throwing hands to the strippers if their cock thick” and “I’m on the hunt like it’s dick season” (aren’t we all on a Friday night?). Bounce is good fun and is one of those tunes that will have you and your friends having a twerk-off in your bedroom.

Gjan – Now You
Unsigned but by no means unendowed as far as talent goes, singer/songwriter Gjan has all the redeeming qualities of a genuine pop princess in-waiting. New single Now You teams the Lithuanian native’s boisterous vocal styling with a confident production of tribal-esque percussion and robust synth backing fit for musical royalty. The video also mirrors the track’s captivating quality with a simple and straightforward sequence of shots depicting Gjan and her bestial companion amidst a surely metaphoric haze of violet smoke. Regardless, can we just take the fluffy wolf home with us now please?

Paul Klein – Dance With Me
Introducing Oklahoma native and electro-pop prince Paul Klein: one of our and soon to be your favourite new musical discoveries of the past year! With a ridiculously digestible vocal tone, and a face every mother could violate for a quick squeeze of those biceps, it’s a wonder why he hasn’t appeared on the GT-dar a lot sooner. Nevertheless, hook-prone indie fans are sure to fall in love with Dance With Me, which lends itself to an irresistible dreamscape of ethereal synths and galactic blips over a bedrock of mellifluous melody. What more could you ask for?

Words: Lee Dalloway (@Leeroydalvin)
Sam Baker (@SamTRBaker)
Darcy Rive

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