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Global Drug Survey 2014

Whatever you’ve been snorting or smoking, the GDS 2014 wants to know.

Whether you abstain entirely, dabble occasionally, enjoy regularly or perhaps partake a little too regularly, we all have an opinion on drugs. This November sees the launch of the Global Drug Survey 2014 in the UK, the world’s biggest anonymous annual survey on drug use by those who know them best – the people who use them – and it wants to hear about your experiences on what you have or haven’t been snorting, sniffing and smoking.

GDS2014 aims to survey 60,000 people across the world about their frequent or infrequent drug habits, and it’s relying on curiosity and generosity to get there. The initiative, founded by consultant psychiatrist and addiction medicine specialist Dr Adam Winstock, is supported by researchers, harm reductionists, policy makers and clinicians from around the globe who interpret the influence and effects of drugs and their use in our lives.

This year, as well as discovering the prevalence of drugs in society, the cost and pattern in use, the main focus of this year’s survey is on marijuana and what makes the perfect stone – information the GDS wants to pass onto weed growers to improve the quality. The GDS also wants to know what you’d do to maximise your fun and minimise the harm, what’s going on with prescription drugs and explore the controversial workplace drug test policy.

Take a little bit of time to visit to take part and share your experiences and opinions on a hugely relevant social issue and further this fascinating area of research.

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