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Review: Vince Kidd

A former contestant on The Voice, Mr Kidd wows us with his acoustic set.

When Vince Kidd performed on the BBC1 talent show The Voice last year we knew that he was born for this. With the likes of Jessie J and the amazing Tom Jones wanting you on their team, you know you’re a bona fide star. Vince did a dynamic job each time he performed, and though he finished fourth he's still a winner in our eyes. A year later and Vince has released his EP, four creative music videos and has a sold out mini tour to add to his name. His hard work has certainly paid off.

Arriving at Electrowerks in North East London we're quickly surrounded by Vince’s die-hard fans know as the “Kidds” who are passing time til' Vince takes to the stage by taking selfies and tweeting about their favorite artist. Just after 8pm, the lights shine on the stage and a guitarist starts slowly playing; it's time that we finally have the Vince Kidd experience.

The crowd cheer with support as Vince, dressed in his signature leather jacket, high platform shoes and rocking a super dope hair cut, sings his heart out. Performing an acoustic yet diverse set of original songs, he also covered a classic Green Day song Time of Your Life that he took to church! Can we get an "amen"!

Vince undoubtedly has great stage presence and a strong vocal range that would make Britney want to quit her day job. Sorry Britney fans. He has a strong upper and lower range and jumps effortlessly between them. Vince is a force that the world needs to watch out for. He's grown so much as an artist since the show and you can tell he genuinely sings his with his heart and soul.

Notably, his last song The Last Train Home would be a soulful, surefire hit if released. Overall, the show was an energetic, entertaining spectacle and Vince Kidd certainly showed what a talented performer he is. Look out world.

Words: Nicholas Charles @Charlsnick

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