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Loafer Co: Kickstarter

Fancy crowd-funding a start-up business?

Let us introduce Loafer Co, the apparel and accessories brand for creative people everywhere.

Loafer Co is a start-up business and we are launching our first product (The custom iPad and day bag) using Kickstarter, a crowd funding website. You may have heard of ‘crowd funding’ before, well we decided it would be the ideal way to test and launch our exciting new brand.

Please note the Loafer Co Kickstarter runs for 32 days only until 20 November.

Using Kickstarter is perfect for Loafer Co for two main reasons. Firstly we get to test our launch product design worldwide and gauge your reaction by its popularity. And secondly, with your help, we will be able to order the minimum order quantities of our small range of quality products to launch a new brand.

If you have never backed a ‘Kickstarter’ before here is a brief introduction to the process:

1. Find the project that interests you – here is our link to get you started.
2. Decide on the level of backer’s reward that you would like to receive and the investment level you are happy with.
3. Back the project and be part of a success story.

“I have backed a few Kickstarters myself before starting my own Journey, and I love it! Some of the backers rewards are great for gifts and they come with a great story built in.” Mark Cronin, Loafer Co.

It is also a no risk* way of enjoying investing at a small level in a new business that you would like to see succeed. If the business doesn’t reach its goal then no payment is taken from you. Of course if a project you back is successful then you can enjoy receiving your backer’s reward.

Backing Loafer Co is just £36 for Early Bird backers – so why not get yourself a piece of fashion history?

Bag style and features

The style of the bag is quite retro. For the main Loafer Co branding we have chosen full embroidery, although more expensive than screen printing it gives a higher quality handmade finish to the bags.

Bag features include:

• Vintage feel washed 16oz canvas.
• Padded internal pocket for iPad.
• Side pocket for phone / business cards etc.
• Easy closing Velcro front cover.
• Unisex.
• Main storage compartment.
• Additional front storage with pen holders.
• Purple lining.
• Soft feel woven strap for extra comfort.
• Kickstarter edition external label.

Happy backing!

All the information can be found here

*Information based on using Kickstarter – there are other crowd funding sites and the rules can be different.

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