Kim Watson - Media Director GT & DIVA

GT Editor and MPG CEO honored in IoS Pink List 2013

The Independent on Sunday's Pink List has just been published and great news is that our very own Darren Scott, GT Editor is a new entry, after appearing on the journalist side bar last year, at 98th place.

GT's Transgender Contributor Paris Lees was the biggest news as the winner. Human Rights Activist Peter Tatchell Was joint second place with Clare Balding OBE.

Former GT journalists Patrick Strudwick and Tris Reid-Smith were also honored and Paul Burston featured in the National Treasures list.

Jane Czyzselska, Editor of sister publication DIVA was also honored and Simon Topham CEO, was credited as a new entry in 39th place, one of the highest places for a business person.

Enjoy the rest of the list here IoS Pink List 2013.

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