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Dandy Licks: Thu 19 Sep

The tunes we're playing out at GT Towers this week!

Britney Spears - Work Bitch
This week saw the premiere Britters brand new tune, and we literally haven’t been able to take it off repeat since! Sassy, sexy and full of fierce, this tune will undoubtedly bring a breath of fresh air to the charts, as it confidently struts past an increasingly tired trend of soppy, self-empowerment anthems with one big swooping smack in the face. Godney’s questionable yet fascinating Faux-English accent isn’t the only similarity with her last banger Scream & Shout. The track mixes a winning concoction of gritty beats and climactic drops for a heart-stopping, high intensity impact, suggesting an even more club-leanin’ sound for the formerly pop princess. Expect this to be playing on loop in every gay bar for the next few months or so.

Roger Sanchez - My Roots
Legendary DJ/producer Roger Sanchez gives more than a nod to classic NYC house with this storming new track. Commingling the old skool with the new, this sassy slice of deep ‘n’ soulful tuneage is sunny enough for those of us who aren’t ready to say goodbye to summer just yet. Ridiculously upbeat, some serious hands-in-the-air drops and a party vibe coursing through its musical veins. Our nipples shouldn’t be tingling this much just sitting in our office chairs... but they be, honey, they be!

Lucy Pawws - Slow Love
We’re always on the lookout for a new wonky pop princess here at GT, and we’re already curtseying with due reverence to Lucy Pawws. She’s serving up a delicious synthpop track that wouldn’t sound out of place on a recent Kylie album (Note: this is NEVER a bad thing). The sugary sweet vocals are given some serious, credible clout with a fresh and dreamy production. Delicious harmonies and tingly, featherlight beats blend beautifully for some pop perfection. Yus, dear!

Katy B – 5am
The BRIT school babe from Peckham is sticking to what she does best with brand new jam. Flame-haired and fabulous, Miss B once again drizzles her slick trademark vocal over an infectious melody-driven beat with considerable charm and ease. The track takes a much darker tone than its euphoric predecessor ‘What Love is Made of’ as Katy’s vulnerable cries transcend the madness for a full on tears-on-the-dance-floor moment. It leaves us feeling that the poor gal could do with a quick catch up at GT HQ over a few bevvies and some cheery banter ASAP (we do work sometimes, trust!)

RAC – Let it Go
André Allen Anjos, otherwise known as RAC, is on a mission to establish himself as more than just a producer having remixed a whole host of popular tunes behind the scenes by artists as versatile as Lana Del Rey, Kings of Leon and Katy Perry. Marking his first major bid for the big time, ‘Let it Go’ introduces a light and breezy pop sound with a bass line so bouncy even Tom Daley would cower in defeat as he flaunts his best board walk buttocks. The song also boasts a few respectable features from indie pop royalty, including MNDR and Kele of Bloc Party fame, whose voices blend in perfect synchronicity to further reinforce the song’s alt-pop credentials.

Words: Lee Dalloway (@Leeroydalvin)
Sam Baker (@SamTRBaker)

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