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Heritage Landscaping

Transform your garden into an urban oasis!

Heritage Landscaping Ltd is about to celebrate its tenth year in business. Over that time we’ve worked in virtually every part of London, and have also been contracted to work in Kent, Hertfordshire, Scotland and even the Seychelles. (Yes, it was beautiful but incredibly hot work!)

We are a developing brand with a strong and varied client base – many of our customers come through word-of-mouth and recommendations – and are positive that our second decade in business will be as exciting as the first.

Our customers range from homeowners to property developers to commercial organisations such as schools, universities and residential homes. And while everyone’s needs differ, the service we offer always has a common theme – dedicated, individual, and tailored to your specific requirements.

For busy professionals, we take into account your lifestyle, and what purpose your garden will serve. Alan and Stuart from south west London, whose garden is pictured above, wanted an easy-to-maintain space where they could entertain friends, which would also be a suitable play area for their two dogs. We went for clean lines, with built-in beds rather than pots, making it easy to clean down regularly without having to move anything except the table and chairs. Low maintenance plants - looked after by an automatic irrigation system - and LED spotlights make the flowerbeds an eye-catching feature at night.

Other clients have different priorities. We have noticed an increasing number of customers want somewhere to keep bicycles. Here, practicality has to be blended with style, and we can design space-saving solutions to ensure ease of access and storage.

Or maybe you are part of another emerging trend – you want to get your hands dirty and grow your own fruit and vegetables? Here we can advise on positioning regards sunlight and shade, and ensure you have the right type of compost to ensure your babies have the best possible start in life!

We carry out maintenance too, and this is what the majority of our commercial customers use us for – to keep on top of larger areas which need to be kept looking good.

With the property market on the move again, using your garden as an ‘extra room’ is a great way to utilise all available space which could add significant value if you are looking to move or re-mortgage.

Client testimonial for the above terrace:

"I approached Dean at Heritage Landscaping as they had already done a fantastic job at a nearby property. The design concept I had in mind was rather different from this, though - more of an 'outside room' - but Dean could see what I was looking for straight away and immediately came up with many suggestions and solutions. He was also really knowledgeable about practical considerations of, for example, proper paving drainage - particularly important in a property with two dogs! After the incredibly competitive budget was discussed and approved, the work quickly commenced and Heritage Landscaping were professional, prompt, and considerate throughout what could have been a very invasive build. They came in on schedule and on budget, and we now have a really beautiful terrace, that has opened up our home and given the dogs an ultra posh outdoor play space!" Alan and Stuart.

To find out more visit their website: Heritage Landscaping Ltd

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