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UnFringed - Episode Six (In Bed with Ben Hart)

Get ready for some magic...

Ben Hart, our new favourite magician, is a different breed of showman. Here in Edinburgh with his debut solo show, The Outsider, Ben masterfully delivers impressive tricks with a beautiful and theatrical panache. Directed by Anthony Owen (Derren Brown/The Real Hustle), the show is a triumph. Ben's talent is unquestionable. On stage, Ben exhibits an endearing and intriguing vulnerability while at the same time performing wonderful illusions that entertain and excite. We predict we'll be hearing an awful lot about Ben Hart… Which is why we got him into bed for you! And did we mention that he's gorgeous? *swoons* He even brought along sweets to the interview. The boy's a keeper. Enjoy our interview with Ben and make sure to watch right through for some real jump cut magic in episode six of UnFringed:

Ben Hart - The Outsider.

Words: Harry Clayton-Wright (@HClaytonWright)

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