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UnFringed - Episode Three (In Bed with Chris Martin and a panda)

Once, twice, third blog's a lady. AND I LOVE YOU.

Edinburgh, famous not only for the Fringe but the pandas in their zoo. ONE OF THEM IS THOUGHT TO BE PREGNANT (ACCORDING TO A NEWS STORY WE READ THIS WEEKEND). TIAN TIAN THE PANDA MIGHT BE UP THE DUFF! Tentative congratulations, Tian Tian. So when we interviewed Chris Martin and got him in bed to talk about his show, we thought we'd confront his fear of dogs and see if it also applies to pandas. Things get a little surreal in this episode of UnFringed, but we know you'll enjoy it. Expect to see panda head.

Fuck me, Edinburgh, you're pretty fucking hilly. Excuse our French but our calves have doubled in size from the amount of running around we've been doing. LET'S TALK ABOUT SHOWS. We saw the hilarious Mae Martin and Slumber Party, her excellent show which we thoroughly enjoyed. We love Mae. She's got this amazing way of being so incredibly relaxed on stage with the material, but in this slightly awkward and adorable manner. You feel like you're watching a really close friend share hilarious secrets from her diary. Mae's the kind of girl you wanna hang out with a lot, so we're going to try and make that happen. EastEnd Cabaret gave us Dirty Talk and with their original and terrific songs, they really got the crowd going. The audience went a bit mental, actually. We're going to post a link to our favourite song of theirs - Dangerwank - and you should watch this video because you'll probably relate to the subject matter. David Mills with The Gospel Truth had us howling with laughter. To steal a David-ism, his show was "Dynamite". We'd have happily sat for another hour watching David. We'd have happily sat for another three hours. David Mills is a star. Myra Dubious had us in stitches with her Service With a Sneer. Rotherham's least celebrated daughter, the audience are putty in her hands. There's an exciting undercurrent of playful danger as material just free falls from Myra's incredibly quick-witted and slightly tipsy mouth. And you get a few songs! Go and and see Service With a Sneer, we urge you. Adrienne Truscott's Asking for It: A One-Lady Rape About Comedy Starring Her Pussy and Little Else! - Now that's how you name a show. We saw Adrienne's packed out show on Saturday night and what a show it is. People were queueing outside the venue to try and get a seat. Truscott, one half of the infamous Wau Wau Sisters, completely annihilates the audience with her supremely intelligent and hilarious material about the subject of rape, all while dressed only from the waist up and ankles down. This has to be the one of the hottest tickets in town. She kills it. We love Adrienne Truscott.

So many more amazing interviews to come. We may have chatted with a dog today. Can't wait to show you that. If you'd like to catch up on all the other episodes of UnFringed, featuring interviews with Jason Byrne, David Morgan, Xtra Factor's Matt Richardson and Foil, Arms and Hog, then pop on over to the Etch PR YouTube channel.

Words: Harry Clayton-Wright

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