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Dandy Licks: Monday 12 August

Sam Baker and Lee Dalloway tell you why you should like the music they like...

Diana Vickers – Music To Make The Boys Cry
After an excruciatingly long break from the music industry (well, long in the world of pop at least) Lancashire lass and ‘Once’ hitmaker Diana Vickers is finally ready to drop her sophomore album ‘Music To Make The Boys Cry’, and the title track is certainly making our guyliner run from the excitement! Initially made as a free download back in 2011, the song has since been promoted to single status with re-recorded vocals and a freshly refined, 80s-lite production from Norwegian pop saints Donkeyboy elevating the track to new glistening heights of pure pop perfection. The video displays some A-class titillation from the Vickernator, modelling her way through a few neatly wallpapered sets in an arse-smacking pair of heart-stitched shorts. Sadly, the poor cow is having a solo birthday party, cruelly getting a glimpse of what it would be like if her video persona had friends by staring into a magic mirror. Fear not, she’s having the time of her life writhing around in her bath of black balloons. We’re also diggin’ the incessant depictions of vinyl records and vintage décor throughout – go grab that indie cred, gurl!

Adam J feat. Amelle Berrabah & Nightcrashers - Love Is All We Need
Good Lord! There are Sugababes popping up all over the place! From cookery shows to über-cool, acronymed reformations, it’s Suga overload... we’ll all be reaching for the Candarel after our sweet tooth falls out. Always one of our favourite ‘babes, Amelle’s voice is wonderful at veering from delicate and somewhat raspy to powerful, as she sings atop of a europop trance beat. Aimed squarely at squeezing the last drops of sunshine out of a rapidly diminishing Summer, the track unapologetically flip-flops from hands-in-the-air, Ibiza terrace joy to grimy, Shoreditch basement dutty bass. We like versatility in our men and our songs, and while this is unlikely to change the world, we did keep going back and rewinding for a repeat performance... the track that is, not our men. They only get one shot!

Static Revenger Feat. Kay – Back Off, Bitch!
Sam: Just when you thought this summer’s wave of club party bangers had come and gone, LA-based producer Static Revenger brings us this attitude-laden tune with the help of Canadian born singer/songwriter/Perez favourite Kay. And it’s got more balls than Simon Cowell has paternal instinct! With a bass line so hard-hitting it’ll leave queens spilling their voddies before they even reach the bar counter. Feeling stressed after a long week? Someone pissed you off outside the cloakroom? Just heard a piss-poor chat up line? Shake it off, take a deep breath, put your hand in their face and shout “Back Off, Bitch!” Then head to the dance floor. The rest is history!

Lee: What are you talking about? I’m sorry, this is one area where your ever-faithful reviewers have to disagree, I’m afraid. This is a right load of old bilge! I’ve made more tuneful noises when vomiting. Maybe I’m just getting old... *Shakes walking stick at children playing on the street*

Lorde – Royals
Up and coming songstress and native New Zealander Lorde has been making waves on US radio with this refreshingly understated new tune, taken from her EP ‘The Love Club. Here at GT Towers we definitely approve! The rambunctiously-maned 16-year-old boasts a no-tricks chorus with enough instantaneous hook and genuine infectiousness, the likes of which haven’t been heard, arguably, since Gotye first began ranting about somebody he used to know, that it puts other artists twice her age to shame. The anti-conformist lyrical themes, coupled with Lorde’s pure, untamed vocal, is sure to be a hit with the Brits when it drops on iTunes at the end of this month. The video gets a serious hashtag avant garde; so much so that it just needs a few subtitles and Gérard Depardieu to make it an award-winning foreign film. In other words, we have no idea what’s happening....

MGMT - Your Life is a Lie
When we first heard this, we thought that the song wasn’t really up to much without its weird-ass video. Complete with wonderfully surreal images, acid tip-like visuals and some top drawer freakery, our eyes were sparkling; however, the monotone mantra quality of the track wasn’t tingling the eardrums. That is until our 58th listen! We were repeatedly humming it in the staff cafeteria as we added another shot of whisky to our now very Irish coffee. Shhhh, no-one knows. Fabulously psychedelic, ridiculously quirky and head-noddingly genius, while the jury is still out as to whether MGMT can match 2007’s single Kids for pure enchanted alt.pop wonderment, this is certainly an interesting and dynamic creative turn for the awesome duo. Our life may be a lie, but the old hippie eating a banana just makes us glad we’re around to experience the fallacy!

Words: Lee Dalloway (@Leeroydalvin)
Sam Baker (@SamTRBaker)

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