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GT UnFringed - David Morgan & Jason Byrne (Episode Two)

*in our best Jay Z voice* Part two. It's so crazy right now.

We're still here in Edinburgh, seeing great shows, interviewing amazing people and hanging out at the Hotel Missoni. We've gone up in the world this year. OH YEAH. For episode two of UnFringed we chat with the hilarious David Morgan, who we met here at the Fringe a few years ago, to talk about his brilliant show, Pretty, and to also model a new outfit that you will very much enjoy. We also got to chat with Edinburgh Fringe veteran, the incredible Mr. Jason Byrne (this is his eighteenth festival). We sat in a bath at the Hotel Missoni, wearing Missoni robes, talking about his show here at the Fringe, Special Eye, and enjoyed a bit of luxury (thanks, Hotel Missoni). We also spoke about his upcoming BBC One comedy, Father Figure - a show Jason wrote and starred in - that airs in September. We were going to try and keep the episodes under ten minutes but our chat with Jason was so lovely, we decided to extend it for him! See the video below.
In other news, we've been seeing some really great shows. In particular we just have to give special mention to Vikki Stone. Oh my goodness. Gays… ASSEMBLE. You need to see this show. Queen of the Fringe. Seriously. We also went to see Ben Hart's The Outsider. A gorgeous magician with incredible charm, we loved everything about the show and his masterful delivery. AND… we're going to get him into bed for you. Guilt & Shame: Addicted to Everything was one of the shows we were REALLY looking forward to and it didn't disappoint an inch. The boys are on fire. We laughed until it hurt. Shawn Hitchins, a really engaging and wonderful storyteller, gave us Ginger Nation; a fiery account of becoming a sperm donor to a lesbian couple. We found the show to be, quite surprisingly, rather moving. Such an interesting subject matter handled in a really fantastic way. We also saw Chris Martin (not the one with the child called Apple - the comedian) and his show, Passionate About the Pointless at the Pleasance - we'll be getting him in bed very soon, too. SHOWS, SHOWS, SHOWS!

Anyhoo, here is the second episode of UnFringed. Enjoy!

Words: Harry Clayton-Wright

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