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Spamalot: Celebrity Gods

God got camp!

Team GT sashayed down to London's Playhouse theatre earlier this week to catch the now almost veteran musical Spamalot take 'camp' to new levels. Full of the zany Python humour that permeates the comedy soul of us Brits, the show is constantly updated, in parts, to keep up with the zeitgeist-loving Twitter generation. A line that slated Justin Beiber literally brought the house down, and there's even a reference to the new royal baby.

Family Fortunes/Celeb Big Brother fans will rejoice at a more than capable Les Dennis shuffling around the stage with barely concealed glee. But, for us, it was the frankly brilliant Bonnie Langford who stole the show. With a beautifully booming voice, the legendary Ms Langford growled, shimmered and glittered across every single square inch of that stage, over-gesturing like she was in a silent movie and knowingly winking to the audience, the true mistress of this Summertime pantomime. #Hamalot - but we loved every second of it!

If that wasn't enough, this clutch purse of mincery finally exploded at the seams as Barbara Windsor's cheeky visage filled the stage as 'God'. Babs was in the audience and even shouted her infamous Peggy Mitchell line "Gerrraaaaahhhtmaaaaapaaaahb" when the opportunity arose, as theatre queens everywhere queefed their knickers in appreciation when she joined the cast on stage for the curtain call... with accompanying high kicks, bien sur!

Just when you think the glitter train is about to leave the station, Simon Callow takes up the reins of God on 12 August, with the fabulous leg-end herself Christopher Biggins strutting into the role 19 August. All for charity. Amazing! Someone pass us a cold towel for our fevered foreheads...

Spamalot is currently at the Playhouse Theatre in London. For more information, check out the website.

Words: Lee Dalloway (@Leeroydalvin)

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