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Review: Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens

Gloriously glittery and great fun!

Saucy Jack is back, with Stuart Saint’s new production at the Leicester Square Theatre. Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens feels fresh, funny and fabulous, with every member of the cast shining in this delightfully camp story of love, death and disco.

Set in a seedy bar on Frottage III, Jack De’ath and his bar staff dealing with the fact that each of his best acts have been savagely murdered by The Sling back Killer over the past few months.Suspicious by the fact each of the victims has just told Jack that they were leaving to perform somewhere else, The Space Vixens arrive with a mission to find out who the killer is and to stop any more talented artists meeting their maker with a red stiletto in the chest.

Helped by Booby Shevalle, Sammy Sax and Mitch Maypole (all Saucy Jacks employees), The Space Vixens - Jubilee Climax, Anna Labia and Bunny Lingus - are determined to leave no glitterball unturned in their pursuit of truth.

The show has a stellar line up of characters, which includes Honey Tipps (who the audience meets through a great ‘flash back’ scene, in which she was Saucy Jack’s glam magic assistant before she vowed to ‘live and die by the power of disco’). Chesty Prospects, a sexy smuggler who can get you anything plastic and fantastic (all highly prized contraband items thanks to Frottage III’s zero tolerance to anything that can’t be recycled). And space trucker Shirley Tri-Star, who stops off at Saucy Jacks for an oil change and a Cosmic Screw. All of the events are overseen by the narrator Dr. Von Whackoff who has one of the most lively wigs ever seen in outer Space.

Sammy Sax falls in love with Anna Labia, Chesty Prospects falls in love with Bunny Lingus, Dr. Von Whackoff has the hots for Mitch Maypole and Jack falls in love with Jubilee Climax. But not everything goes how they’d all like. Could Sammy be the Slingback Killer’s next victim after he announces that he wants to leave Saucy Jack’s for a chance at the big time? And does Chesty Prospects really deserve a sling back to the chest?

But what really makes Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens stand out are the brilliant songs: ‘Glitter Boots Saved My Life’, and ‘Fetish Number From Nowhere’ being faves. Jamie Birkett is stunning as Jubilee Climax (and brings a touch of Cleo Rocos to the flash back role of Honey Tipps), with a voice that is both sweet and powerful. Lisa Gorgin does an amazing job as Vulva Savannah, Chesty Prospects and Shirley Tri-Star, with a vocal talent (and bosom) that could blast down walls. Marcus Reeves is hilarious as Dr. Von Whackoff, and, indisputably, Ralph Bogard is exceptional as the ‘pantomime baddy’ styled evil bar owner, Saucy Jack. His ability to play ‘charming rogue’ and ‘evil villain’ is wonderful.

It is impossible to leave Saucy Jack’s and The Space Vixens without a smile on your face, singing and dancing down the street. If you love The Rocky Horror Show, Cabaret and Star Trek, then this is the show for you. Don’t miss the chance to see it – book your tickets now!

GT gives it: 4/5

‘Saucy Jack and The Space Vixens’ is at Leicester Square Theatre until 15th September. For more information and to book your tickets call 08448 733433, or visit their website.

Words: Matthew Christian

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