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GT: UnFringed (Episode One)

*in our best Backstreet Boys voice* OH MY GOD, WE'RE BACK AGAIN...

Yes, we are indeed back in Scotland for the world famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe and are incredibly excited by the prospect of seeing great shows, meeting amazing and hilarious people, getting very little sleep and tasting our very first deep fried Mars bar (we're going to finally build ourselves up to that this year). After the success of our video interviews in 2011, we're going to be spending the month of August running around and chatting with the cream of the festival, bringing you the funniest artists, best stories and all the backstage gossip for our all new web show… UnFringed. See what we did there!?

We've already spent the weekend here in Edinburgh and have had an amazing time so far - we've seen some brilliant shows, too. We broke ourselves in and lost our Fringe virginity on Friday with Eric Lampaert's wonderful Two Tickets To The Gum Show, then laughed ourselves silly on Friday night with sketch comedians and beautiful Irish boys, Foil, Arms and Hog, in their show, Late Night Irish Sketch Comedy. We had a great Saturday afternoon with the Birthday Girls and their show, 2053, and spent Saturday night at the sold out Hot Dub Time Machine. Best. Party. Ever - which really lived up to its name. WE LOST OUR SHIT AT HOT DUB TIME MACHINE. Crazy backbends and everything. Sunday afternoon saw us loving and enjoying both David Morgan's show Pretty and Jason Byrne's Special Eye and we've still so many more shows to see. Thank goodness we're here all month!

On Sunday morning, and after eyeing them up on Friday night, we found ourselves in bed with those beautiful Irish boys, Foil, Arms and Hog, for our first UnFringed interview of the festival (exploring the difference between a slap and a spank). The second interview of UnFringed episode one is with comedian and the new host of Xtra Factor himself, the one and only, Matt Richardson. Having just woken from a pre-Hot Dub Time Machine disco nap, we sat and had a little chat about his Edinburgh experience, Xtra Factor and the seventy date tour he's got coming up. So here it is. Episode one of UnFringed. Enjoy!

Words: Harry Clayton-Wright (@HClaytonWright)

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