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Circuit21 - Love in the Shadows (Cahill Remix)

Circuit 21 serves up a fresh take on a classic dance number...

If you are a fan of the fur then you may have been one of the 3 million viewers of Bearforce1, a video released a few years back from a group of the same name, where four big bears thrust their way through a mash-up of some of their favourite disco tunes.

Lead thruster Robert Brown a.k.a Circuit21 breaks away from the pack to release his debut single this month, a cover of 80s classic Love In The Shadows. The tune is given a 2013 facelift that is the perfect dance floor filler. The video is a sumptuous to nod to a dark Studio 54-esque nightclub where boys and girls writhe the night away to Brown’s projected image and his powerhouse vocals. Super stylish and we wouldn’t expect anything less from a man who has worked with fashion houses like Gucci and Prada.

Brown takes centre stage and blasts his way through song with its synthy style and deep bassline it’s sure to be a summer hit. If you like what you hear then make sure you bag yourself a copy of the album from which this single is taken. Promising a journey back in time to the 80s with a current slant, it will be music to the ears of fans of David Bowie, Gary Numan and Kate Bush, who are all cited as influences on the album. Campalicious fun!

Check out the video here...

Words: Liam Johnson

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