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Dandy Licks: Tue 30 July

Sorry for the delay... we were well drunk...

Paul Oakenfold Feat. Azealia Banks – Venus
Sound the alarms - this is actually happening! Twitter wars and being a right mouthy cow aside, Azealia Banks proves why she is the reigning queen of fresh, teaming up with DJing legend Paul Oakenfold to create delectably addictive dance floor smash, Venus. A track that will no doubt be penetrating the club stratosphere this summer with its death-defying drops and deep ‘n’ heavy bassline, this is not the Bananarama/Shocking Blue/annoying lady razor tune - totally different! Arguably more commercial than her recent output, Azealia still brings her indisputable charisma to the table with an incandescent selection of lyrical bullseyes! We’d be doffing our wigs in respect if they hadn’t already been singed off by the sheer fiery hotness of this tune.

Icona Pop – All Night
Swedish synth-pop dyad Icona Pop are back with a massive new single in ‘All Night’ and we, quite literally, can’t get enough! Using their worldwide bridge-crashing hit ‘I Love It’ as an obvious blueprint, the track pairs some seriously catchy hooks with one hell of a dance beat that both carry the duo’s trademark vocal from dusk to dawn, as they shout of their willingness to ‘hit the lights’ in complete and utter unison. With their eyes firmly fixed on the American market, it’s no wonder they stuck to a familiar formula, even amidst claims they could be the next European act to sport the blasphemous ‘one-hit wonder’ label, like so many overnight successors before them (R.I.P Las Ketchup). We think rehashing a classic never sounded so good and could easily take another ten of these over a t.A.T.u. cast off any day... Great, now we’ve got that flamin’ All The Things She Said song in our head! Make it stop!

Fryars - Cool Like Me
Attention beach bitches, lovers of the heat, slags of the sizzlin’ sounds... summer is officially here, and we finally have our Ibiza-esque banger to prove it! Lyrically serving up a full-on sack of swagger and a production positively fizzing with futuristic electropop vibes, Fryars may sound like a chain of fish ‘n’ chip shops from the north, but is in fact über-cool up-and-coming producer Ben Garrett. A cacophony of pops, pumps, wheezes and a vocal so distorted even Cher would consider it gratuitous, this song has a mysterious charm that we just can’t explain. Kind of like that oddly sexual but slightly butters boy we all know; the one we’d let do us up the wrong’un, yet sneak him out the back door in the morning before our judgemental flatmate wakes up... Said too much again, innit...

Carousel – Not Enough
Reminiscent of Donkeyboy ala Silver Moon, LA based hunkathon Carousel certainly offer up a fair few slices of pop perfection, and ‘Not Enough’ is by no means an exception. Taken from their Palms EP, the track expertly weaves a soft, clean vocal through a couple of solid verses that could quite easily score the soundtrack to your next summer drive along the coast. With a slick production dominated by an array of nostalgic synths and airy blips, it’s without a doubt that we say this is dream pop at its absolute best. Be sure to check out their cover of Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own’ on their official SoundCloud page, too – we guarantee you will not be disappointed! Unless you hate Robyn and these guys, then you’ll probably be livid!

Daley - Broken
Time for a Daley that doesn't have to parade around in tiny swimming shorts to get the attention of teenage girls and randy old queens everywhere. The Brit singer/songwriter unleashes this new song about something your emotionally barren reviewers know little about - heartache! From beneath those thick, black-rimmed specs and mass of fiery hair, Daley uses that lush, soulful voice to maximum effect, coupled with Emeli Sande’s Heaven-esque drums. It’s rather frustrating that Daley hasn’t broken through to even more mainstream success; not ever pairing him with ol’ big lungs Jessie J (she who knows the words to every single song in the world. Fact!) got him some Top 10 love. And we’re a little worried that reheating Emeli’s epic debut will do little to help that either - sorry D, we love you! But it’s a seriously gorgeous song from a talented artist who deserves attention.

Words: Lee Dalloway @Leeroydalvin
Sam Baker @SamTRBaker

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