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I'm Coming Out...

A new website that shares coming out stories...

Was your coming out a great story? Have you ever wanted to tell the masses about it? Now you can! a new website which asks users to put their coming out stories online.

The website asks for readers to detail their coming out and submit it on the website, in the hopes of both inspiring others and simply sharing stories of an event many of us have had to go through. However, that's not all from this project. The most popular stories will be published into an eBook and in print, too.

The website already has quite the few updates with some, so far, heart-warming, funny and truthful stories. The deadline for stories to be considered for publication is 15 September 2013, with the book looking to go into publication in 30 September 2013, so why not add yours to the mix.

Check out the website here.

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