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Introducing: Neon Jungle

We're running low on girl groups... so here's a new one!

Neon jungle are the newest and freshest girl group to have come up on the GT radar. And the British four-piece from London, Suffolk and Scotland are positively fizzing with promise. Let us put on our girl group analysis hats and get down to business. Lots of hair? Check. A suitable amount of pout-y attitude? Check. Infectious first single? Check. So far we really like them.

With four different looks going on and a musical mix of rap, pop and dance all tied together with lots of sass, they've just released the video for their debut single ‘Trouble’. The quartet turn a quiet summer’s day in suburbia into a raucous house party complete with neighbourhood bad boys, chihuahuas and bird flipping aplenty. The rebellious little ladies even trash the house as they sing their cheerleader style chorus.

Hmmmm, let’s see, a group of girls running amok, jumping on furniture and getting away with it? Spice Girls ‘Wannabe’ anyone? The line ‘I don’t look for trouble but trouble looks for me’ is going to be our new mantra here at GT! Well, we've been saying it for years, it’s just the first time it has been put into a catchy song for us! We likey!

Their first single ‘Trouble’ is set for release September 1... check out their fab debut video below!

Words: Liam Johnson

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