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M.I.A. Brings the Noize...

...With a ‘z’, cuz she’s edgy.

To the dismay, envy and secret adulation of hip-hop hipster artists from Hackney to Harlem, M.I.A. has made yet another effortlessly effervescent renaissance with new single Bring The Noize.

The first time we heard this song, we were on someone’s kitchen floor at 5am on a Saturday morning, kissing a boy with purple hair. The first time Azealia Banks heard this song, she probably fired her manager, screeched until all the champagne flutes in her house smashed, then hurled her laptop out of the window. Leaving A*M*E* and Angel Haze feverishly rifling through the wreckage on the street below, hoping to pilfer and unreleased B-side.

And that’s exactly the kind of incendiary reaction M.I.A. wants to evoke. As always her material and implications are layered, demanding and allegorically angry as she stomps through side streets and ushers cows through multi-story car parks. There’s an unsettlingly savvy militaristic element too, burly, surly men marching around in chillingly pristine white outfits.

But apart from all that socio-political litigiousness, she’s got pink hair, which is nice. We like her with pink hair. We’ve already read so much into it all we might as well just go one step further and say her pink hair stands for gay rights. You just never know with M.I.A.

NB: Our favourite bit is when she spits out a piece of gum and goes “PEH!”.

Words: Dylan B Jones

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