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Dandy Licks: Fri 21 June

What we've been spinning at GT Towers this week

AlunaGeorge - You Know You Like It
Kicking off with a little bit of alt.pop from the uber-cool AlunaGeorge, we feel hipper just by listening to this! Chock full of electroesque bleeps, a skin-tingly, wobbly bassline and topped off by Aluna’s lush light and airy vocals, this is 21st century pop as it should be. We can certainly relate to the line “Life can be tough if you’re a dreamer” at the same time wishing we were invited to the no-water pool party depicted in the video. Lets just give this a #Awesome!

Nikki Williams - Glowing
South African belter Nikki Williams serves a musical feast in Glowing - a feast of strong, synth-driven beats and cascading piano melodies that combine to form one euphoric sounding anthem. Hardly offensive to the eyes, and with a pop vocal that’s up there with the best in the business, it’s a mystery why she hasn’t yet conquered the UK charts.

Johnny Stimson - Human Man
24-year-old singer/songwriter and regulation hottie Johnny Stimson’s breathy execution in Human Man as he confesses ‘I’m in ecstasy, take my heart, you can feel the beat’ is enough to make anyone’s heart melt. His soaring, pre-chorus falsetto teasingly takes you on a pleasant journey of pop heaven, only to hit hard with a slam-dunk of Miike Snow-esque, electro pop bliss. A definite winner!

Hailey Row - My Boyfriend is Gay
Stand back - things are about to get bitchy! Few things have been more divisive at GT Towers than this bit of pop oddness. While it’s an undeniably catchy piece of bubblegum ridiculousness from an obviously lovely girl, we’re not sure if we’ve seen anything so stereotypical since Mr Humphries enthusiastically shrieked about Mrs Slocombe's pussy across Grace Brothers department store (Kids, if you don’t get the reference, ask your sugar daddies). Apparently Hailey Rowe should have known her closet case boyfriend was on an extended stay in Narnia because he knows every Britney song and “His favourite colour is turquoise and always drinks chocolatinis through a straw”. You can tell Hailey really means well... but do fuck off!

Discopolis - Falling (Committed To Sparkle Motion) (Axwell Radio Edit)
Love love LOVING this tasty slab of atmospheric synthpop from Scottish four piece Discopolis, expertly placed through the musical blender by DJ/producer Axwell. If the fact the title of the song is inspired by cult movie Donnie Darko isn’t enough for you, then let’s simply focus on what a polished piece of sparkly electro gorgeousness it is; bursting with scintillating synths and oozing a summery vibe, this is currently giving us a serious eargasm.

Words: Lee Dalloway (@Leeroydalvin) and Sam Baker (@samtrbaker)

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