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Video: Dharma Protocol featuring Boy George

Soulful house + pop legend = eargasm

Top producers Dharma Protocol are back with a new single Coming Home... with a little help from the legendary Boy George. George’s subtly vocal are no less haunting and stunning than ever as he effortlessly delivers the
sensual hook “I’m coming home, back to you”.

The 90s vibe in itself is enough to put the most frigid amongst us in the mood, with each word sung more smoothly than the last. Featuring a throwback house style, it’s hard not to feel nostalgic and get lost in the rhythm.

The somewhat eerie accompanying video represents different characters all on a journey, fitting in well with the theme of
returning home, and in turn returning to themselves. The homoerotic vibe throughout is bound to turn heads, with hipsters and hippies alike slowly becoming more outrageous as the clip proceeds.

If this is a sign of things to come, then we can’t wait to hear what else Boy George has got in store for us later this year, with his first studio album in three years!

Dharma Protocol feat. Boy George - Coming Home on MUZU.TV.

Words: Joe Waistell

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