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Dandy Licks: Thu 13 June

What we're listening to at GT Towers this week...

Kylie - Skirt
We have to say, we love, love, LOVE the new Kylie track. While it may not appeal to her more pop-leanin’ fans, she’s returned with something fresh and contemporary that sounds as good in the club as it does head-nodding in the car. Kicking off with a minimal beat and building into a storming, durty bass-heavy banger. If you’re looking for ‘Love at First Sight’, go and consult the greatest hits. If you want something bold and interesting from the other Queen of reinvention, then smack this on repeat!

Kylie's Skirt on

Hurts - Somebody To Die For
As moody as Morrissey holding Grumpy Cat in a torrential rainstorm but undeniably delicious to the ear, hipster favourites Hurts return with a suitably epic new single Somebody To Die For. The buff twosome can’t half pen a dramatic tear-jerker, complete with heartfelt lyrics and a sweeping orchestral score, it makes you shiver like an ice cream tickling your soul! There’s no official video just yet, but if it doesn’t contain our boys looking anguished on a desolate beach of huge, crashing waves then the world just doesn’t make sense anymore...

Iggy Azalea - Bounce (Green Lantern's Trap remix)
Aussie lady hip-hopperer Iggy Azalea fuses her brand of on-point white gurl rap as DJ Green Lantern drops some seriously sick beats across Azaela’s quirky but much more threadbare original. The result is an ice cool club banger, with Lantern hacking at the vocal like a man possessed and spitting it out on to the dancefloor for excitable homosexuals everywhere to slut drop to like there’s no tomorrow! One fo’ da kids...

Diana Vickers - Cinderella
She’s stopped doing that claw thing with her hand that she was famous for on X Factor and is looking like a proper grown up gorgeous lady these days. Yes, The Vickers returns after some awesome tracks on her debut album, this time serving up a lovely little synthpop treat, complete with her trademark breathy delivery and vocal affectations, coupled with some ‘out there’ fashorn choices. Like she, the song is ridiculously cute, as expected, but sadly you’ve forgotten it as soon as you’ve heard it.

Mdnght - I Will Lead You On
Is the summer wherever you are in the world shocking too? Or is it just the UK suffering gloomy weather? November-Squared we’re calling it! Well put this track on, lay back and think of Ibiza. Manchester-based live club act Mdnght may have something against vowels, but they don’t half serve up a lovely soulful house track. Disco-infused with some atmospheric falsetto vocals, the lead singer’s not half bad either!

Words: Lee Dalloway @Leeroydalvin

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