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Review: Boy's Life

What it feels like for a boy...

We moseyed over to the intimate space of the King's Head Theatre on Upper Street to watch Boy’s Life, the American play newly transferred from its sold-out run at Camden’s Etcetera Theatre. Fast paced, racy, and in places laugh out loud funny. Boy’s Life is a thought-provoking look at what happened when the battle of the sexes petered out to no clearly defined winner. An excellent soundscape of eighties rock and pop drags you back to the sexy, 'in vogue' days of 1988 New York where we find “new men” with the same old feelings but no real language to express them.

A trio of former college friends on divergent paths are held together, if temporarily, in a state of arrested development. Struggling with their changing attitudes toward sex, love and the treatment of the women in their lives. Jack (Max Warrick), Phil (Luke Trebilcock) and Don (Matthew Crowley) are three men on the cusp of total wasted potential, at a crossroads where a decision need to be made to put away childish things and accept that growing up sometimes means growing apart.

Jack is happily looking for a little fun on the side, trolling for strange at the park, whilst babysitting his son. Phil is charming in his ennui, guilty over some bad [very bad] choices he’s made and trapped between the ghosts of dead-end relationships past present and future. And Don. Still waters run deep, Don. Who risks his steady relationship by having a one night stand, just to see if he could get away with it.

A lot of it boils down to men behaving badly, grappling with nascent misogyny and tit jokes. Penned by Pulitzer Prize nominated and Emmy Award-winning writer Howard Korder American play Boy’s Life charts the crest of capitalism’s wave in 1988 New York. Much less melancholic than it sounds and, as a treat, Matthew Crowley plays Don in just his pants and a vest for the majority of this one act drama.

GT gives this 3/5

Boy’s Life plays at The King’s Head Theatre Sundays and Mondays until June 23rd. For more information click here.

Words: Tim Mitchell

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