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Beldina - What Can I Say

First up, we’re loving this infectious new tune from Swedish popstrel Beldina, fusing indie and pop with a lil’ bit of hip-hop thrown in for good measure. Lyrically a lament on falling in love yet being scared of it/simultaneously longing for it, Beldina’s sweet, passionate vocal floats dreamily atop an infectious yet simple piano-lead groove. Gorgeous!

Dan Black feat. Kelis - Hearts

British alt-pop singer Dan Black has joined forces with honey-voiced megastar Kelis for this ridiculously catchy slab of dancepop. Overall, somewhat a breath of sweet ‘n’ fresh air in the world of chart music, which slowly seems to be climbing out of its faux-electro europap phase (We know, we shouldn’t speak too soon... there’s always a naff rapper round the corner to prove us wrong!) The video is also really cool - a 24-hour timelapse shot on a roof in Paris!

Bright Light Bright Light - Moves

Homegrown electropopper Bright Light Bright Light returns with a dramatic new slice of synth-based poppery in Moves. Sound-wise it’s pure 80s, somewhat moody lyrically with a camporama melody. Visually, the accompanying video features two rather hot and hard-bodied lovelies in a slow-mo, choreographed dance and some rather provocative bed-based, soft focus action. Safe for work though... it’s art, sweeties!

Le1f - Spa Day

“Gayngsta rapper” Le1f spins his own distinctly homoriffic take on the usual, “pimps, bling and hoes” formula still trotted out by many a conventional hip-hop video. Song-wise, it’s a harsh, dark and minimal hip-hop beat that had us seriously nodding our heads, but we can’t help agreeing with the current top comment on the YouTube video about the producer needing to turn up the vox a little more! As for the video, this one is certainly NSFW... unless illegal substances and bare flesh is as fine at your workplace as it is at GT Towers. However, we do admire his unapologetic gay slant on the still very macho world of hip-hop. Kudos.

Words: Lee Dalloway

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