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Knee Deep - the circus is in town!

Last night we got Knee Deep *coughs*

The stage is square and the surroundings bare as we enter the quirky world of Knee Deep, presented by the contemporary circus group Casus. Through the dark intimate setting of emotive music and smoke machines our eyes are fixated at the random eggs on stage.

A tattooed girl sporting Robyn’s hairdo arrives and with careful balance and determination she walks over the trays of eggs, as you do. Glued with anticipation we gasp as she makes it to the end. It’s pretty impressive although we’re sure we heard a crack but we just won’t mention that...

After the eggsiting opening act Emma Serjeant (Robyn) is met on stage by Jesse Scott, Natano Fa’anana and Lachlan McAulay who collectively form Casus. They begin to throw her around, the lucky thing! And display fascinating skills of timing and strength reeling off stunt upon stunt. Nervous claps echo around the room as they stand on top of one another making our hearts race.

As the group takes it in turns to perform both individually and together random eggs appear to be a running theme in the choreography. We actually wonder if they’re going to make us all a cake. If Knee Deep was infact a cake it would be made with mystery, intensity and strength. No clowns or lions go into the mix but it still tastes fabulous.

We see their bodies tested on bars, curtain and rope. The audience often misses a breath as faces flirt dangerously close to the stage floor. It’s very dramatic when the music stops and is replaced with the sounds of heavy breathing and the clasping of skin. When Emma brings out a nail we believe it’s to prove the eggs are real (which she does) but the audience squirm around in their seats as the act involves a hammer and her nose. That’s all we’re saying.

Natano takes to the stage in just boxers and begins slapping himself around to a beat. This is one of the most surreal things we have ever witnessed and we’re sure his nipples turned a different colour. Injecting comedy into the mystery turns out to be a good move though as everybody claps along.

Following the happy slapping it’s lights up and clothes off as the others strip down to their underwear too. Although somewhat distracted by Lachlan’s physique it was time for our favourite stunt of the night. This featured glass bottles, a table, obviously more eggs and pushing the human body to its limit. Being frightfully fantastic you will literally be on the edge of your seat.

The final act involves the foursome interlinking with various body parts on a swing. This is a beautiful performance that they make look effortless. Resulting in a well deserved roar of applause from the audience and a standing ovation too.
The show lasts one hour which is just right for the rollercoaster of emotions you will go through. Being all philosophical we believe the eggs symbolise the fragility of the human body that can easily be broken. Although we noticed Emma wearing a shoulder support the only thing that was cracking in Knee Deep was the show itself.


Knee Deep plays at Riverside Studios until June 22, book tickets here.

Words: Benjamin Spence

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