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MiKE MUNiCH - Love at War

Hello Mr Munich...

There are a number of things we expect in a music video; topless men, tight outfits and easy-to-learn-when-drunk dance moves. Throw in a catchy beat and lots of tongue-in-cheek lyrics and we own the dance floor.

Which is why we’re practically melting at the sight of Mike Munich in his new music video for single Love at War. The American stud is no stranger to the entertainment industry, having covered all the gay bases by dancing with Lady Gaga and Kylie Minogue, appearing in Glee and featuring in a raunchy double page spread for GT in 2011. He’s the best thing to come out of the desert since Priscilla!

The song itself is hands-in-the-air, handbag electropop, perfect for the summer when you’re knee-deep in hot men in a gay bar on the Costa Del Sol. With lyrics like “Now drop the gun baby I surrender”, it’s not only our brain that’s going into overdrive.

“It reveals a part of me I’ve spent so much time trying to hide,” Munich says about the song. “It's about the frustration and confusion of wanting to fall in love but feeling like there is some cosmic force preventing it from happening.”

For all the latest news on Mike, visit or follow him on Twitter, @MiKEMUNiCH

Words: Kieran Watkins

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