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Gentleman – It's a new Saturdays single!

Doesn't Psy have a song called that too?

A few weeks ago Psy, Youtube leviathan, East Asian icon, and arguably the biggest pop sensation on the planet at the moment, released his hotly anticipated second single Gentleman to millions of adoring fans. A British girl group called The Saturdays have just released one of the same name.

To be fair, they might not even know who Psy is. Rochelle probably thinks it's a new skincare product. Molly, grinning smugly to herself, probably thinks it means "sigh". As in, that rad new trend of verbalising involuntary bodily reactions, e.g. "Someone beat us to the top of the charts again… sigh" as opposed to "Someone beat us to the top of the charts again... Psy!" – we can see how she might get confused.

Still, we love Gentleman (that's Gentleman by The Saturdays, not Gentleman by Psy, although Psy's is ok too. If a little similar to Gangnam Style…but it does have that irresistible trademark infectiousness…anyway, getting off topic).

The video features suggestive sprinklers, lascivious lyrics, and a slightly dubious Desperate-Housewives-meets-New-Look-summer-sale vibe.

It's a slight career veer for The Saturdays, away from deliciously mindless Sean Paul-synthed rhythm, and into more bubblegum pop Spice wilderness (imagine a bubblegum pop Spice wilderness! Purple rocks, rivers of Lambrini, deer with hair like Geri Halliwell's…)

Anyway, listen to it, spill drinks to it, groan when it comes on in G-A-Y. You heard it here first.

Words Dylan Jones

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