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Here's looking at new Kidd

The Voice contestant Vince is launching his solo career.

If you’re looking for something to distract from the mid-week madness or simply refresh your eyes from that spread sheet you were supposed to have finished half an hour ago, treat yourself with this musical piece of eye candy from the aforementioned Jessie J protégé.

Many were outraged over his elimination from The Voice, earlier this year. However if reality television has taught us anything over the years, it’s that winning isn’t the be all and end all when talent is concerned, which could definitely be the story here after listening to this track.

The smooth and seductive tones of Mr Kidd only heighten the sexuality of the track as he tells it to us straight exactly what he intends to do to us. As if that wasn’t sordid enough, it appears Vince has wondered into a whimsical wonderland of scantily clad amazons, who are only too happy to grind on the nearest palm tree while Lady Leshurr juxtaposes the track with some playful, urban edge and some shimmying in the meantime.

Which will go some way to explaining why he hasn't given that grouting a good clean. Dirty boy!

Love Sick is on iTunes on 04 November.

Words Ben Saull-Hunt

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