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The Origin of Love

Mika collaborates with Chilean director Christián Jiménez

Mika has collaborated with Chilean director Christián Jiménez to produce a new short film from his single, Origin of Love, which is also the title of Mika’s upcoming album.

Shot in Santiago in Chile, the film has a gritty, urban feel, as Jiménez says,

“The song is fantastic, it almost feels like you can touch it. I tried to do something that adds more layers to that texture. It's an urban, very contemporary piece, with a bit of humour and touches of a fairy tale feel.”

Mika is a fan of the Chilean directors previous work, including his film Bonsai, and had such faith in the man that he let him run wild with his surreal imagination,

“I wanted to take the kaleidoscopic dreaminess of the song and pair it up with Cristián’s more realistic, surreal and moving imagery. When making these films, I give complete freedom to the director we are collaborating with, in a way that is never possible with a music video.”

Mika hopes that fans will be as taken with this short film version of his song as much as it was ‘surprising and moving’ for him to see it for the first time too.

Words: Joe Glass

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