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Gaga's Born This Way Ball

Twickenham Pride!

There's nothing quite like standing on Waterloo station waiting, spotting Little Monsters dolled up to the nines, breathing in the anticipation of watching Lady Gaga roll into London town.

Though the majority of the crowd either missed opening act Lady Starlight, had no idea who she was or were actively hostile to her prog-rock performance art, it was the perfect opener for her hardcore fans. It is literally Gaga's roots, as they used to light hairspray cans together back in the day.

During Lady Starlight's performance, between her twirling, mask throwing and dancing, a decidedly lo-fi art house clip played, starring Breedlove and Darian Darling. The former was spotted posing in pap shots with The Ga outside her hotel, and Lady Starlight features in Breedlove's last video, shaking her stuff around 1:40:

And THIS is to the greatest thing about Lady Starlight and the fact that she opened for Lady Gaga - she embodies everything about her homemade, rooftop partying roots. The video of them smearing cake into their faces? Pure Shoreditch, pure proto-Gaga. Lady Starlight's show ends with "Thanks To - Nobody". Brilliant.

The Darkness were the other support act, and though it's easy to bash them, we can grudgingly see why they are an okay fit. The highlight though was easily as a camera panned the audience and landed on a Little Monster, complete with zombie-skull facepaint and pink hair. He could not have looked more disdainful. As it was, he ended up onstage for the encore, so; swings, roundabouts.

Just as dusk made a segue-way into night, so Mother Monster came to grace Twickenham Stadium. Things kicked off with a Aliens-meets-War-Horse(stage version) moment, as Gaga did a pre-emptive glory lap of her stage, and continued to own it for over two hours.

Almost all the hits were present and correct - Bad Romance was thrown out relatively early, followed by Judas, a song-cum-live-costume-change then straight into Just Dance - it was a thrilling rollercoaster of her best known numbers, including more OMG-oh-noe-she-didunt moments than could comfortably sit on one hand. The same hand that was trying to stop yourself from clawing your face off with excitement.

In short, just some of these moments included gliding (Mariah Carey on X Factor style) around the catwalk in a huge white dress, dancing with an unbelievably hot ensemble decked out in Expectations yellow rubber, Gaga becoming part of a motorbike and being ridden by a sexy lay-dee and the weird ever present Marina's Diamond floating head.

There was a mind bogglingly surreal section where Gaga straggled her motorbike piano, picked up fan gifts, rambled ad hoc, did a song called Lady Die (about Princess Diana and numerous other dead-too-soon people) all followed by a cover of Imagine.

The whole Born This Way Ball was glorious. It couldn't not be, when a castle bursts open and some of the greatest pop songs of the decade are blasted out, alongside an epic alien invasion narrative. As we left and as we were watching, one thought kept coming back to us. Nobody can write Lady Gaga The Musical. Not since our twelve-year-old-selves saw helicopters in Miss Saigon have we been in such awe of full on theatrical musical theatre. For that is what Lady Gaga is delivering on a global scale.

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