GT Stage

Le Gateau Chocolat

as he loves saying, AT THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY

Our favourite drag-loving, lycra clad operatic baritone is currently going down a storm at the Menier Chocolate Factory. To a packed out room, he wooed and wailed his way through a bunch of beautifully rendered covers, while dipping in and out of backstage and entertainingly yabbering on about his life, loves, family and woes.

Opening with a string of "hi hello! hi hi hi hello hi.." (a lovely homage to Boogaloo Stu and his first ever gigs) it's a powerful combination of song, story telling and frequent audience participation, staying just the right side of playful ridicule rather than terrifying humiliation – unless you have an irrational fear of the aforementioned lycra. Or party poppers. Or Barbra Streisand.

He is undoubtedly at his best when singing, and when being a light entertainer - his wry little camp nods and winks to the audience are perfectly timed, and make for a brilliant night of entertainment, full of gleeful delight with only the lightest hints of personal anguish.

You've got tonight, Saturday and Sunday to catch the show. Do it!

Photo: Simon Nicol

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