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A quick guide to some of the gayest TV across the pond this autumn

With “fall” just around the corner, the US TV networks are about to start pumping out tonnes of brand new shows. We’ve handpicked three of the most exciting (and gayest) programmes to tune into this season.

The New Normal
Ryan Murphy – known to most of us as the mind behind Glee - brings us another gay-friendly show in the form of The New Normal.

The comedy follows a gay couple – played by Andrew Rannells and the very yummy Justin Bartha – and a single mother acting as their surrogate. It’s been compared to Modern Family a lot (which isn’t a bad thing), and the trailers we’ve seen so far are pretty damn hilarious.

Although it’s yet to hit the small screen, The New Normal is already stirring up controversy in the US, with conservative groups complaining that it promotes “the decay of morals and values”. Nonetheless, it’ll air in the US in September, and will reach us Brits in the new year on E4.

From the creators of Will & Grace comes another comedy based on the relationships between gays and straights – Partners. The title refers to the lead males’ professional relationship though, not a romantic one.

Louis – Michael Urie (pictured) of Ugly Betty fame – and Joe are best friends and business partners, with a respective boyfriend and girlfriend. But the dynamic changes when Joe gets engaged, and Louis has to start sharing him.

This one has loads of potential, but there’s no denying it’s very similar to Will & Grace. It’s therefore got a lot to live up to, but we hope it’s just as funny. Partners hits in the US in September, but there’s no word yet on when the UK gets it.

The Carrie Diaries
This is a contentious one. Some fans are dismayed by the thought of a prequel to the hugely successful Sex and the City series, while others are dying for more of the same (or near enough).

The Carrie Diaries is based on the novel by Candace Bushnell, and follows the titular character once more – albeit played by the considerably younger AnnaSophia Robb – as she deals with high school and becoming a writer.

This version is meant to be a teen drama, but that never stops us…*cough* Glee *cough*. There will be city, but just don’t expect too much sex. Oddly, Freema Agyeman – yes, Martha from Doctor Who – is also in it.

While this is potentially the most exciting new show for us gays, it unfortunately won’t begin in the US until January 2013, and probably some time later in the UK. So you’ll just have to get the SATC boxsets out for a few more months.

Words: Matthew Pitt

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