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Eager Beavers

With the second series of Beaver Falls underway on E4 on Mondays NOW, we talk to cast members Sam Robertson and Tom Austen.

Do you mind just telling us a bit about the second series?
Sam:Yep. Well the second series finds the three Brits coming back to Beaver Falls to start chasing girls and get away from crap work. Bit of escapism, but they come back and find that not everything is as they left it. Obviously a year has gone past, and relationships have changed, so yeah, things are different.

Are there many new characters?
Tom: Yeah, there’s three of us, three new characters on the camp. There’s myself Mac, Hope played by Emer. and PJ.

And you play Rachel’s husband?
Sam: Yeah. Well we imagine that Mac and Rachel were together before the first season and went on a break. Rachel went to the camp to get away, and she came back, and he did this big gesture and proposed. Beaver Falls is supposed to be like a honeymoon, but more of a working honeymoon.

And is your character the same sort of person? How’s he dealing with his illness and all that?
Sam: Flynn’s not quite the boy-about-town, mad-shagging, who-gives-a-fuck attitude that he was first series. He’s a bit more softer, a bit more tender, I suppose. So that will hopefully attract more people to him, as opposed to putting them off. He’s starting to value certain things in his life more than he did. He didn’t really care about anything in the first series. So in the second season, he knows he hasn’t go much time left. How long, he doesn’t know. He’s appreciating the things that he loves and likes and values.

So one thing our readers want to know is whether there is any nudity in the show?
Sam: Loads of nudity, from all the guys in the show.
Tom: Skin is in this series.
Sam: Skin is in and arses out.

Did you have fun filming the second series?
Sam: Yeah, loads of fun. Like all good jobs, it was like a paid holiday.

Did you fit in well with the cast from the first series?
Tom: Yeah, I did. Everyone was really nice, we all live in the same town, the same kind of area. We were hanging out together all the time. I mean, apart from Tash, everyone is either Canadian or British, and we all just have each other and the crew out there. So everyone sort of mucks in together. And also, all of the new characters that sort of came in are all associated closely with another character, or is very close to another character. So us three new guys that came in were already very closely with one of the guys who was already one of the established characters, so we fitted in really well and to know people very closely. So, for example, me and the actress that plays Rachel, as newly-wed husband and wife, we are very close.

Now we know that your character is a very nice guy, but do we ever see a different side to him?
Tom: Yeah. I mean, there’s definitely a lot of different sides to him. Well, I was going to say exposed and stuff, but [laughs] it comes apparent as the series goes on, he’s dealing with a lot of different things, but he genuinely is a very good guy, and nice person.

So are you still working with the same children that you worked with last season?
Sam: Yeah, there were five boys last year. There’s only three of the same guys, and there’s a new kid, so there’s only four kids altogether this year. But yeah, the friendships are still definitely there.

How was it working with them?
Sam: I love the boys, I love them. We don’t see them as much this year, as the show is more focused on the adult relationships than it was in the first series. So I was a bit miffed, from a total selfish point of view not being able to work with the boys as much, but if anything, I really appreciate them. I really enjoy them. I love working with them, probably because they are the only people in the cast who laugh at my jokes. [Laughs]

So how to you keep fit for the show?
Sam: It’s funny you should say that, because for my character, I remember first series I was told not to…well, not to get fat, but to really not…basically what the producer said was you should care a lot less about your appearance than what you obviously do. As I do take a lot of pride in what I look like and stuff. So then I was like to him I will do then you bastard, and so I just let myself go, and I stopped going to the gym and stuff. So yeah I just let myself go and stopped caring about my hair and things like that, which I found very difficult to do.

And how about you Tom?
Tom: Well my character is almost completely the opposite to Sam’s character. He’s like a real jock, and he’s almost like a basketball superstar. I was actually playing a lot of basketball out there. I was training with a local team. And they actually ended up playing in the actual show itself in one of the episodes. They play another team who we play against in a contest. So I was doing that as much as I could. And when there was any time when we or I had down time on the set, I was playing basketball. They built a basketball court to film on so I had all that to play it on. It is a lot harder than it looks. There was a lot more throwing around. And it is a lot more physical than I ever realised. So I was just doing that mainly.

So are you starting to get recognised more as your character from the show?
Sam: Yeah, I am actually starting to get recognised quite a bit as Flynn now. You know, what is different from this job to others ones that I have done, and other shows that I have done, is that pretty much 100% of people who come up to me are genuinely and really into Beaver Falls. They seem to really love the show too. Even like young guys are coming up to me. It’s really the first time that in my career that young guys are coming up to me, and they are buzzing about it and the show. You know, as much – if not more – as young girls are coming up to me, which is really nice, I’ve never really played a character that appealed to guys. Most guys usually hate me and the characters that I play.

Is it mostly gay guys or straight guys, or is a mixture of them both?
Sam: You know, it’s most the straight ones. Mostly young straight lads, sort of like 15 to 21. Young straight lads who are really digging it, which is really great because I have never had that. The audience before have never had that reaction as such. I mean, in a few jobs that I have had, I’ve had sort of gay guys and young girls who were into what I was doing, what with Coronation Street and stuff. Never young straight guys, which is great.

Do you think you have quite a big gay fanbase? Do you think or that you have noticed?
Sam: I really don’t have a clue. I really don’t know.

I think you do, really.
Sam: Do I? [Laughs] I don’t know. I really don’t know. I’m not really aware of it to be honest, but if you’re saying that I have a little base, then I really am buzzing.

So you don’t ever get guys coming up to you and asking you out and stuff?
Sam: Funnily enough, I always say this, but the last few guys that I have met and come and chat me up…because I used to frequent a few gay bars in Clapham, because my flatmate was gay, and he would drag us down, and I really used to enjoy it. But then the guys, probably in about a minute and half to two minutes would suss out that I wasn’t gay, or would suss out that I wasn’t up for whatever they were up for. I don’t know. I used to be a bit miffed, and like I was just starting to enjoy that chat. “I’m not gay, I’m just here to talk”, and they would be off. No, it used to be more of a “what are you doing here?” sort of thing. And then that was it. They were off, pursuing new pastures. So I was in a corner, and I was like “fucking hell, I’m bored after one or two minutes”. Yeah, it was weird man.

So Tom, do you ever get approached by guys or anything?
Tom: I don’t know really. Not much. The stuff that I have filmed hasn’t been out on TV yet, and Beaver Falls is going to be my first big thing, so I’ll have to get back to you. [Laughs]
Sam:You’ll find him here on Old Compton Street in August mate, with a Beaver Falls t-shirt saying “I’m on this show”. Shall we chat? Yeah, lovely.

So back to the show, do you think this season will be better than the first season?
Tom: Yeah. Definitely, yeah.
Sam: Yeah, absolutely. Episode four is an absolute outstanding piece of television.

So what happens in that episode?
Sam: You’ll have to watch it! Can’t say that! But I’ll just say that Tom’s character is heavily involved in it. Sorry, I’m just taking the piss, which I should really stop doing during interviews. Yeah, but I think that this season is better, because, I mean, first series, it’s different in a lot of ways, as it focuses on the adult relationships and stuff.

And what is the comedy like? Still the same? Any beaver puns?
Sam: None that I can think of! But there is less about the kids, so it’s more mature. A lot of the comedy came from the relationship between the guys and the kids, and the kind of culture clash between the American and the British humour is a kind of given in the series. So it is a lot of a relationship-based comedy drama, rather than an all-out comedy. But still, there’s characters like Barry, who is always going to be funny, and Hope, one of the new girls, is absolutely hilarious. So they like definitely keep the comedy going longer.

So what is in the future for you both after Beaver Falls has screened? Third series? Any TV, theatre, film?
Tom: Well I’m going to film something in Paris to film a brief, kind of drama series out there. Can’t say too much.
Sam: I’ve got a few things in the pipeline, but nothing for definite. So we will see.

Do you get much time to play football at the moment?
Sam: Not really too much at the moment. I play football now and again, and with the boys from Coronation Street, I play charity football games, but not played for ages. I’m going to start playing again more in a couple of weeks.

So you’re focusing on the acting for now then?
Sam: Yeah, the acting. And, you know, pretending to be a rock star. [Laughs]

You can watch a trailer for the second series of Beaver Falls below:

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