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Doctor Woo!

Look Who's back...

They’re back! Someone a bit posh, a ginger, and something a bit scary. No, we’re not talking about the Spice Girls at the Olympics Closing Ceremony. It’s the Doctor, Amy Pond, and the Daleks – all returning in the new series of Doctor Who over the next few weeks.

Lets face it, it’s the only Saturday night show worth bothering with now…

The BBC continues to tease us with promotional material, and a set of intriguing images were released at midnight. Obviously every single one of these should be a poster. And probably will be.

Last night also saw the premiere of the first episode – Asylum of the Daleks – at BFI Southbank in London. We were there. It was brilliant, creepy, cinematic and heartbreaking. And no, we’re not going to give away any spoilers, but if everyone that was there keeps mum then a LOT of people are in for a treat.

Hugs all round from the cast, who we obviously bloody love and envy their seemingly effortless style. And a bit sad because it’s the end of the line for Rory and Amy this year in a finale that promises to make you cry. Hardly seems like yesterday since we were first on set with them… Sob!

Former companion Nicola Bryant (who played Peri) was there too (looking like she hasn’t aged a day) and all round blooming genius Mark Gatiss. There was a lengthy Q&A session following the episode where Richard Bacon tried to prise details on the upcoming 50th anniversary from showrunners Steven Moffat and Caro Skinner, to no avail.

In the meantime, five episodes air throughout September: Asylum of the Daleks, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, A Town Called Mercy, The Power Of Three and The Angels Take Manhattan. A Christmas special, introducing the new companion Jenna Louise Coleman, airs on Christmas Day. It stars Richard E Grant as ‘the villain’ and is set in Victorian London. Then a further eight new episodes will air in the spring before the anniversary celebrations begin…

You can see all the images, which are taken from the first three episodes, on the BBC’s Doctor Who website.

Words: Matthew Pitt and Darren Scott

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