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How Does Rita Ora do it?

Oh yeah, that’s How

Some call her Britain’s answer to Rihanna. Some call her our newest style icon to sashay the sidewalks – we just call her Rita Ora – and it just so happens that she’s back looking to make it two for two at the top spot with her latest single How We Do (Party). Fancy seeing just how she does it? Check out the video below:

Ever found yourself anxious on the dance floor? Maybe you’re not quite prepared for the social antics of the evening? Wondering how long you should wait before you just chase anything in the club before it shuts? Well good ol’ Rita has all the answers in the video that like a can of Ronseal: does exactly what it says on the tin. Think of it as a workout DVD for those of you who need to let your hair down as Ora and her entourage - or should that be EntORAge? [*issues yellow card* - Web Ed] - cross lightsabers, flash fangs and indulge on some cross-generational smooching in this guitar strumming power pop anthem.

Rita can grind her bedpost in confidence, knowing that this track is probably going to get peoples body’s popping like an aqua-cise class in a retirement village. Oh and for all those rap lovers – Miss Ora has sampled the delights of Notorious B.I.G.’s own Party and Bullshit, in which she later takes to chanting throughout the song as she indulges in some standard neon-paint debauchery. 
GT lovers from across the Atlantic might have already heard this track as it lead the creatively titled album ORA, stateside. However, the good people of Blighty can begin to cure cure their post-Olympic blues by downloading the track right here
Words: Ben Saull-Hunt

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